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  1. To be fair, Amber kinda screwed up here. Not that I blame her. But this would just make more trouble for HER in the long run. Best to just let those things go and make fun of the customers when they leave. 🙂

    • If that sign is on her register, it isn’t necessarily a sign of her screwing up, could be that the store is out of those denominations until the armored car service gets there or perhaps Marla ran to a local bank to see if they would swap some bigger bills for one needed in the store until the money arrives. It happens from time to time.

  2. I’d have pointed out that if change issues bother him, he could just pay by card. Sure head office has to pay the supplier a cut of the sales but that doesn’t affect Amber’s pay.

  3. Ohhhhh don’t get me started on this. I would get smart you-know-whats who would come to my register right as we open on a saturday morning to buy a 5 dollar item with their $100 bill so they could discretely break it since the bank wouldn’t. “Oh I’m sorry, it’s all I have” Yeah right.

    The problem is the cash office hands out the denominations, so if you get hit with a bunch of folks who do the aforementioned trick, you’ll be out.

    I used to shut down my register. I’d have nothing but a couple hundreds and loose coins, and I’d tell people, there’s nothing I can do unless you pay with a card or a check (or EBT) because I have no change.

    And the thing is, our manager in that store *was* the “cash office”, so when he stepped out, that was it. We couldn’t get change until he came back from wherever he went.

    Don’t get me started. BAD BAD BAD memories. Nervous breakdown. No no no…

    • Yeah, that’s where rules about which denominations can be used for small purchases come in handy (such as nothing above a $20 note for anything below $5). Stops that rot really quickly.

    • We would send them down the mall to the grocery store. Nope, won’t break a $100 for a $3.00 pair of baby socks.. It would clean out my drawer, nope won’t do it. Then they tell me “Where do you think I got the $100?” Well go back and break it.. Have a nice day – Next customer please!

      • Since I wasn’t allowed to refuse customer’s money, it gave me great pleasure when people would try to break $100 bill on a small purchase to give them back a $50 bill in their change. I would think, “Yes, go ahead, break your large bill on my poor, unsuspecting change drawer. See how you like this other large bill.” Another favourite was refusing to make change for a customer because “I can’t open my drawer unless someone makes a cash purchase, but you are welcome to wait.” Yes, I could have opened my drawer (only because I was a key holder) but I wasn’t going to tell them that (and I wasn’t allowed to without cause). Most people paid with cards at that time, so they often left. And no, my drawer was not one of those that opened automatically when non-cash purchases were made; only for cash.

        • I did that once and a customer said he “didn’t want that fifty.” I thought to myself “Well I don’t want this hundred, do we’re even!”

        • I LOVE giving fifties as change from hundreds when I can. Throw a large bill right back at them lol. It’s the little things 😉

    • I had an awesome manager at one C-store. Someone tried to pull that $100 BS on her morning clerk. We kept less than that in our drawer at all times (theft risk). She told him she’d change it, but only after enough other customers had paid cash. He wound up getting almost $50 in quarters!

  4. “You DON’T get to sneer back at US! The abuse in THIS relationship goes in ONE direction! Never both ways!”

    • No kidding. The customer gets to hurl any amount of abuse at us, because Almighty Customer Is Always Right, and they’re just being “assertive” against “the big faceless corporation”. But if the clerk replies in the same way, she’s OH, SO RUDE! I’LL HAVE YOUR JOB! (Yeah, you wouldn’t want my job, it involves dealing with high-strung, rude jerks like you all day!)

      • Again, essentially allowing yourself to be bullied just to keep a lousy minimum wage job so you can pay rent and buy food. In many ways it’s like this on every job though, not just retail.

  5. Doesn’t look like this guy is buying anything anyway, so why is he bothering to complain? Too bad Amber can’t tell him to get lost.

  6. This comic is much funnier when you imagine Jon Lovitz doing the voice of the customer, and the overacting in the last window as his character Master Thespian.

  7. I work at a Gas Station and this sign is a mainstay on the weekends. I loathe the smart ass customer who when I tell them I can’t just give them the 2 freaking tens I get in my drawer grab a 35 cent pack of gum and hand me the twenty.

    • I have literally refused the sale when they try that. If I don’t have the change, I don’t have the flippin change, buttmunch. And the margin on a pack of gum isn’t worth the heartburn of trying to recover from a big bill when you’re strapped for small denominations.

      I worked third shifts, and my store was in a ‘distressed’ neighborhood, and as a result it attracted a lot of problem customers. I literally could not keep more than $25 in the till at any time, for any reason, and I had NO access to the safe other than the drop slot. And always some joker who wants to play this stupid game.

      Fortunately, my manager at the time, who had a measure of common sense, gave me a lot of margin when I ran my shift.

  8. At the store I work at we only start off with 50 bucks in our drawers and people seldom pay cash these days but every now and then people will try to give me a 100 dollar bill for a small purchase and i’ll just flat out say I can’t change that. I don’t even have that much cash in my drawer.

    • Since Crystal appeared on the scene, every time we’ve seen Amber the tag line says Crystal. I wish they’d get this straight. They both have red hair, that’s the only similarity.

  9. I wish I could’ve made a sign like this back when I worked at a K-Mart one Christmas season. It seemed every customer had $20 bills and every purchase needed 4 $1’s for change. I was always calling out for change for a $20 and they would only give you 20 $1’s at a time. That got me through the next 4 customers. I’d ask the customer for a $1.00 bill so I could give them a $5 or a $10 but oh, no! They wanted the $1’s. It held up the line something awful. This was the days before debit cards. Some paid by credit card or check but that took even longer.

    I see here again the customer is blaming the clerk personally for something that is not her fault. I wish people would stop this.

    • Some banks charge the customer a fee each time they use the card. It’s cheaper for them to get money from the ATM once, than use the five or six times. Unfortunately, ATMs always hand you twenties.

  10. The customer is playing a power game. He feels the needs to elevate himself by making someone feel like crap. Retail workers are prime targets for this behavior since they’re not supposed to fight back.

    • And not allowed to or they’ll be fired. Same in restaurants, fast food, etc. I’ve seen clerks practically in tears from not being able to argue with a customer who was on a rant. Once I was in a Wendy’s waiting for my order at the counter when this belligerent woman came in fuming because her fries were not hot. She came in from the drive through and screamed and hollered at this poor young girl behind the counter. The girl kept saying “I’ll get you hot fries ma’am” but the b—h would not shut up for her to go get them, just kept on her rant. Of course the girl could say nothing but I could since I was another customer. I said, “She said she’d get you hot fries. Now why don’t you wait a minute and let her do it?” Even then I didn’t say all I wanted to say such as “Will you shut your freaking mouth, you’re disturbing everyone in here with your idiotic rant! She can’t argue with you but I can! Now let her get your d*mn fries so you can haul your fat arse out of here and give the rest of us some peace!”

  11. I notice that for some reason, no one feels compelled to judge this man for his weight. Gee, I wonder what’s different from 2 days ago.

    • They shouldn’t have been compelled to do so 2 days ago and this should have been LEFT 2 days ago. Sorry a couple random users had a stick in their behind, this does not need to be resurrected.

  12. “There’s a big difference between poor planning and having several customers treat us as though we are a bank, even though we clearly aren’t one.”

    • Frankly, as much as I like her, I want to see her put her two-weeks in. She’s been around for years and she said she didn’t want to take on more responsibility since she was in college.

  13. I get this every day. I don’t know how people got the idea that a gas station has an unlimited amount of cash but people will buy a 30 cent piece of caramel and try to pay with a $100 bill. I refuse to take it, we’re not a bank and why does this guy think he’s more important than the next guy in line (who is buying his coffee with a $5) that he deserves to have all the cash in my till as change? Not gonna happen. Take it to the bank for smaller bills.

    My store rarely gets $10 bills. We do not stock them in our change safe and for some reason people won’t pay with $10 bills, so we don’t have any. Of course we end up going through $5 and $1 like water, and every day somebody complains because I can’t give them their change in $10 bills. When people start paying with $10s, I’ll start changing in $10s.

    I have no qualms about telling people that the bank is the place to go for change, the gas station is for gas the bank is for money.

  14. Hypocrite, thy name is customer. He’s probably thinking “I can yell at and berate you, but if you do the same to me, then you’re in the wrong.” Don’t even get me started on the people who pay for small orders with $100 bills.

  15. This one strip could sum up the entire series. The customers are abusive. I would starve before I went back to retail.

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