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    • @Joe

      to be fair, part time use to be 35 – 39 hours a week (at least where I live). After the ACA was put into effect and stated that 30 hours or more and/or 130 hours a month was considered full time, a lot of companies dropped their part time employees down to 20 hours a week. With so few hours it can make it difficult to save money for college and what not for millennials.

      I will now await to be told that I am a whiny snow flake for pointing out how companies responded to being told they had to provide health insurance to people who work over a certain number of hours.

      • the guy,
        Retail has been cutting hours to avoid paying any kind of benefits for decades. Back in the early 1970s I worked for a family owned local chain of record stores. The only benefit required by the state was that full time employees who were normally scheduled to work on a day that just happened to be a holiday (like the 4th of July fell on a Tuesday and the employee was normally scheduled to work on a Tuesday) that employee would be granted a day’s pay if the store closed that day.
        Full time was defined by the state where I lived as 38 hours a week. Guess how many hours we were all scheduled to work. Yes. Thirty seven and a half.
        So do not blame the ACA for the evil stores do. Put the responsibility where it belongs

        • Well, if you read the last paragraph, you would see the guy DID blame the correct party (the companies that were told they had to provide healthcare).

        • Agreed, I started in the early 1970’s & with a combination of automation & consolidation of tasks hours were cut through the decades. Sometimes just a few here & there, but I saw departments go from 5 full time & 8 part time down to less than half that number. The ACA may have been a motivator in that move, but it was hardly the first one and will not be the last and I agree that the main culprit is the employer.

        • Sorry, but prior to Obamacare, my company gladly provided up to 39 hours and (after 2 years of service) health insurance for a few dollars a week and vacation time.

          After Obamacare, they dropped part time hours to 29 with few exceptions. I lost my health insurance the year that kicked in until I managed to get a promotion.

          So yeah, I’ll blame the Federal government getting involved where it’s not supposed to Constitutionally.

          • The same thing happened here. Part time insurance went away for everyone working 29 hours or less, and most of the full time positions either became part time or went away entirely.

            The federal government doesn’t realize the side effects of rules they make and don’t care, so they ruin everything they touch.

          • Sounds like a good reason to get the benefit of healthcare AWAY from employers entirely.

          • Yeah, but did you ever try to use that “cheap” health insurance? I had pre-ACA part timers insurance. There was a $1500 per year MAXIMUM payout. I got a kidney stone and blew through that in June on one half of a CT scan. The scan cost $3200, so I had to eat the rest.

            Cutting your hours in half was terrible management doing terrible things. Getting rid of that terrible health insurance was better overall.

      • For every action (change in rules), there is a reaction (change in behavior), and it’s usually not what was expected. People in politics seem to have no street smarts.

      • It’s sad, because when I was first starting out in retail in 1994 (I was 18) I was getting a solid 35 hours a week as a part timer, then 4 months later was promoted to full time and very rarely went under 55. (Ahhhhh…the pre fiscal collapse years!!!)

        Used to be that part-timers at our store would automatically become full timers after a few months. They’d just start giving you the hours and you’d get them as long as you didn’t state otherwise. A lot of folks came up with me in the 90s at our store that way. Most of us made it to management/lead positions too, just by showing up and working.

        By 2004 that changed. They even kept us full timers at 35hrs a week so as to keep our benefits going, but give us the least amount of payable time they could.

        I really do blame the war(s), Bush, and the secret depression we’re in. Take that however you want.

      • You’re not going to be told any such thing by me, because not wanting to die of the side effects of imposed poverty still makes sense to me.

    • Yeah that is good hustle. I worked at one retailer and was often asked (not ordered, they made it clear I could say no) to go above and beyond my normal duties. Once I was offered to be given a day off for it. I started turning it around and asked for more hours in exchange. There was no health insurance at any level for me there. The only time I had a real problem was when my hours were substantially cut behind someone who was recognized as not being very effective. When I asked about it, I was told it was because she was a single mom with a toddler and needed the extra cash.

      Now I work for a regional (100+) grocery store where every employee qualifies for the same benefits as management if they maintain 100 average working hours a month. Most managers will blow labor to make this happen. 40% of each store is mandated to be full time status. Our insurance isn’t perfect, but one persons 2.5yr battle with cancer cost less then 10 grand out of pocket over all. All for 44$ a month to cover a full family, pre tax of course.

      Even in that world, people volunteer to take on extra shifts. I know Donnie is struggling, and I agree that the government does more harm then good. No matter the environment though it’s cool to see people push for more hours instead of less.

  1. I was working at a job and gotten all overtime, I worked at that job for 52 hours, and the boss complained that I was leaving early the same 52 hour week to attend my grandma’s birthday party.

  2. I always volunteer for extra overtime whenever possible. Here, lately they couldn’t give the overtime I asked for. The manager told me I was the only person there, she actually to kick out of the building LOL

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    • Whoever the tag wrangler for this site is, they’ve been screwing up the tags regularly for a few months now. They’ve started misspelling Marisa’s name so you can’t find her earlier appearances, they didn’t tag Harris earlier this week even though he’s a named character, and now they’ve tagged Amber as Crystal two days in a row. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a button to contact anyone on the site, and they obviously don’t pay attention to the commenters pointing out the mistakes, either…

  3. I don’t understand that companies don’t see that if they would have more staff, they’d have more business. Their sales are done so they cut to a bad level… Like in our local wal-mart they have 1 staff person working in the evenings to cover: Pets, Seasonal, Toys, Hardware, Sports, and furniture. You’re in trouble if someone needs paint mixed because that one person will be mixing paint… Then you go to the cash and you need to wait another 15-20 minutes to check out. SO instead I leave Wal-Mart and go to another place to buy what I need, or go online and order it instead…

    Our local grocery store has started a new thing where they guarantee all registers are open on Saturday from 10-6. It’s a pleasure going shopping there during this time– there are tons of staff on the floor and you never have to wait long to check out. And the staff are happy because they have a full 8 hour shift. They may be spending more in labour but their sales have tripled

    • THIS THIS!!!!

      I tried telling my old company back before they wrecked themselves that instead of cutting floor associates to recoup losses, they needed to hire MORE floor associates, since lack of coverage was resulting in customers leaving in aggravation, or worse, stock piling up due to no one being around to put it out or no one to ticket it.

      The business degrees these guys get aren’t worth a flip.

  4. I worked a part time job back in 2008 where I was limited to 39.5 hours a week because 40 equals full time. I remember one of our locations ended up in legal trouble when it was discovered one of the store managers was editing timecards to drop employees who did go over 40 (say, if they were really late closing that night) back down to 39.5.

    Apparently he did it because he wanted to look good to the DM for efficient payroll management.

    So yeah, this crap predates Obamacare by a long stretch.

  5. The crap of keeping hours at part time levels does predate Obamacare.

    However, 39.5 hours as part time is much more livable than 20 hours at part time.

    When the government lowers hours needed for full time status by legislative mandate, all the part timers will immediately have their hours cut to below that. That’s the problem with setting new rules to set the part time hours.

  6. I will admit, I do miss the free time that working in retail has offered me. I was able to take weeks off at a time, and I was able to do it more than once within a year.

    Now at my desk job, I make way more money, but I also have to fill out a form every time I want to take time off, and I’m only allowed 3 weeks a year. And I’m not even allowed to take all 3 consecutively!

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