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  1. Lol, Auto designer Ralph Gilles did the same thing with his iPhone several months back on Instagram, it was kinda surprising just how much lint fit in that charge port.Used to have issues with lint in my box cutter when I was still in retail too, there would be so much lint buildup that the blades wouldn’t open properly and I would have to pull it apart every so often to clean the crap out of it.

  2. Sad part was I’ve been there and had a store employee tell me that. It was made even worse when I used air in a can to check for lint before I went to the store, and he still pulled a bunch of lint out.

  3. haha exposed to the salt air….which got in through how many layers of packaging? Is anyone really stupid enough to believe that…

    Oh, wait….yes they are…

  4. “Why are you returning this to us?”

    “Because some people on the internet said it’s your fault it broke”



    Please leave.

    • The problem with the hive mind is that it is also untrained and uninformed. Those type of people tend to invent “problems” that are far more exotic and unlikely.

      I’ve had customers call with problems they have spent hours on, and get a bit upset when I had it solved in five minutes.

      • You do realize that there are some very experienced and very talented people hanging out in places such as reddit r/techsupport?

        People who earn far more than an average retail worker and are working the very field?

        Believing anything you hear on the internet is just as ignorant as outright dismissing all advice from the internet because it’s “from the internet”.

        If you post this issue on r/techsupport, I bet you get that answer within an hour.

        Yeah, you had customers who are too stupid to use google properly. Big deal.

        • For every /r/techsupport, there are a dozen FixYa’s, Yahoo Answers, random support fora, and Microsoft bulletin boards where the answers you are likely to get are as useful as 16 tons of year-old moose droppings. And that’s where most customers who search the internet will end up. And your condescending attitude makes you a dickhead.

          • 16 tons of year old moose droppings would be very useful as fertilizer…
            Just saying because I’m a smart… er… Alec sometimes.

        • Someone posted a spider on Yahoo Answers for identification. I answered it. I was promptly told I was an idiot. I’m an Entomologist for the Department of Natural Resources with 15 years of experience. I don’t bother with Yahoo Answers anymore.

    • Is that like going to Rock Auto to gets parts for your car because guy in the “Metal Band” t-shirt behind the counter is too clueless to find the part you want? Those commercials still piss me off.

  5. As an FYI:

    I buy cables with magnetic connectors for my micro USB ports. There’s a fitting that plugs into the port and a cable end that has a magnet and spring loaded contacts. The cable end couples with the fitting. The other end of the cable is a standard USB “A” plug (the kind that plugs in to your computer or charging port). It’s similar to Apple’s Magsafe.

    It keeps the port from wearing out, keeps it clean, and minimizes the risk of moisture. It also comes free if the cable gets yanked, making it unlikely that the phone/tablet/ whatever ends up on the floor. Or that the port will be damaged.

    The main downside is that you need to have the cable where ever the device needs to be plugged in. But the cables are cheap enough to have multiples. Plus, you can pop the fitting out of the port in a pinch. Oh, and I haven’t been able to get an OTG flash drive to work with a connector (yet).

    Versions are available for Lightning and probably will be (or are) for USB C. eBay and Amazon sell them. I imagine they can be found elsewhere.

  6. We got a vacuum cleaner from FreeCycle. “It stopped working and it’s not worth fixing.” The hose was clogged.

  7. I’ve had good luck with online forums. My problems have not been huge, granted. However, I’ve had success reading through forum threads. And, big AND, the simple solution works.

  8. Is it cool or sad that I know which Sherlock Holmes line they most likely quoted?

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever’s left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

    • I can quote Holmes, too.

      “You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.” – A Scandal in Bohemia

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