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    • You got that right. It’s been over 30 years since I worked as a waitress but to this day I can remember the lousy customers over the good ones and can still tell stories about them. I wonder why the lousy ones stick in memory better than the good ones, I guess it’s human nature. Or maybe they were just more interesting.

      • I can think of a few reasons why:
        1) The negative customers are sometimes over-the-top, which makes those more memorable
        2) You learn more from your losses than you your victories; though here you can’t avoid them
        3) It makes a better story to tell to have a petty [bleep] stiff your tip for a Bible passage than to have someone give you 25% just because. Getting 25% from a different customer for telling a jerkoff off publicly, however, is in my mind the best one to tell (these are actual stories I’ve heard from a former waitress friend of mine)

        • Some people just come in looking for a fight. I remember years ago on my job,a woman and her family came to my job site for a tour. The family wanted to go on the tour,but she did not,making her an Unhappy Camper. Guess who the Lucky Butt was who had to appease this woman? She was adamant about not going on this tour,which was 2 hours long,so that was 2 hours of unhappiness for both of us. I directed her to the local shopping areas she could visit,rather than waiting around,hoping to get her out of my hair,but she wouldn’t budge. Then,she seemingly changed her mind about the tour,but complained that she couldn’t walk long distances very well. I then offered her the use of the wheelchair we had on site for such issues. That’s when she pulled a fast one and got SUPER irate,complaining that I insulted her by offering her the wheelchair,implying that I considered HER handicapped,when (pulling a verbal bait and switch) said that it was her mother (who was not initially present) who needed the chair! She then proceeded to whine that “the other studios never treated her like this”. I SO wanted to tell this…PERSON,”So go back to the other studios,ya witch!” I was polite,I was helpful,I was accomodating,but she wasn’t having any of that. Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re making others unhappy. And making powerless underlings miserable puts them over the moon!

          • “Some people just come in looking for a fight.”

            That ain’t no lie. I used to get them all the time when I worked in auto parts. Crotchety old men, chip-on-their-shoulder women who think every male in this predominantly-male business is a condescending, sexist jerk, 20-somethings who took ONE SEMESTER of auto shop in high school and think they know everything there is to know about cars (but somehow can’t even change their oil without detailed step-by-step instructions), etc. You just can’t help some of them. They don’t even WANT your help, they just want to talk down to you and give you a hard time.

      • My Grandmother was a waitress. She once received a nickle tip from a customer who was very demanding (this was in the 50’s or early 60’s) and she didn’t appreciate it at all. She went out in the parking lot threw the nickle at him and said to not come back. Later found out he was the Governor in her State of Rhode Island

  1. Com’on Marla! Just don’t stand there, say something! Something like “Thank you, have a nice day.” That usually irritates them even more.

  2. I’m guessing #3 was refused a return. They tend to yell the loudest, don’t they? God forbid we don’t give them their money back for something they bought six months ago and immediately lost the receipt. “But the tag is still on it!”

    • Yep, that was my thought — a fraudulent return of some type. Whenever I got yelled at by these scamming dolts I never let it bother me for one second.

      • Several years ago I was waiting in line at the returns desk at a large department store, one that is known for taking back almost anything. Well, the lady ahead of me was trying to return a pair of shoes that had obviously been worn because it looked like acid got dropped on them, then ran over, then chewed on by rapid badgers. She didn’t have a receipt but she wanted a full refund. The manager had to come over and wouldn’t give in. Security had to escort her out she was yelling and ranting so much.

        • Count yourself fortunate that you had a manager that wouldn’t give in. Far too many stores let the drones take the abuse from a customer, then get a manager over and they give them the moon; the customer walks away smugly and you look like camel ejecta.

          • And that’s because, unfortunately, they have to fear that type of “customer” contacting the district office or even corporate which tends to count against the management of that store. District management and corporate buffoons are 95% of the time spineless dolts.

    • Had a guy cuss me out on almost my last day as store manager at a computer store/repair shop. His laptop was 6 months out of warranty with us, worked fine until he took it to the airport while traveling. I even offered a free repair (it needed a new hdd.) He cussed me out for “Not standing behind our product” even after I offered the free repair since I wouldn’t take the return. Since I knew I was leaving anyway I told him on his way out that if he wasn’t such an a-hole I would have bought it back for most of what he paid but since he came in cussing and carrying on like a moron he wasn’t welcome at any of our stores anymore.

  3. Look at it this way Marla – if you were a major league baseball player and batted .667 you’d make more money than you could spend in a thousand lifetimes.

    On second thought *don’t* think of it that way 🙁

  4. Those first two will never take surveys, even though they look super happy. That last one? Survey-town with all bad comments. Zucchini-head will be all over Marla for “not taking care of the customer.”

    • THIS.

      The grateful customers that get excellent service don’t take the surveys or post reviews on Yelp. The one or two every now and then that are irate they don’t get their money back for old opened damaged merchandise with no receipt always will, and they always embellish!

  5. been there, done that, two out of three is the best you can ever do surprisingly satisfied customers are relatively quiet, while the other group way to vocal, now that I am retired I always make the extra effort to be pleasant to the cashiers, wait staff, etc.

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