23 thoughts on “June 27, 2017

  1. This exact exchange is from Norm’s book Pretending You Care. Recommended if you work retail, used to work retail, or know someone who does. Plus it’s full of early strips.

  2. I used to work for a contract manufacturer of stainless steel components and medical devices. When we were at a trade show and we had a device which I had no idea what it was for, I told them it was used in back surgery. If you say something with enough conviction people will believe you.

  3. The Grumbel’s worker is Alan. His name is not tagged above which it ought to be. We don’t see him very often but he works in the shoe department as you can see, he may be the department supervisor. Nice to see him in a strip even if I have no clue as to what gription means. Neither does my spellchecker.

  4. Having sold shoes (and been a team lead) in a shoe department for 12 years, I sympathize with Alan here. I’d get similar questions, like “Is this pleather?” or “Is this one of those chinese shoes that falls apart in a month?”

    You’d really have to change your mode of thinking and become the old, cantankerous customer and play to their lack of knowledge or stereotype, as sad as that may be.

    Retail is all about pretending to care, pretending to know, and pretending it matters.

  5. Pleather is fake, plastic leather hence the name “pleather”.

    I have Pretending You Care…..it’s funny and oh so true!

    • Oh I’m well aware of that, but it’s a slang term, whereas the proper term would be synthetic leather, but I do get it. It’s like how you’d get folks wanting to buy “Bo-bos”, when they really meant the 2.99 fake canvas keds hung up on the back wall, or the “sh*t kickers” when they really meant cowboy boots.

      It’s stuff like that which really irked me.

  6. In case anyone is interested in it, according to TESS (the trademark office database) the name pleather isn’t trademarked. However, Naugahyde is (since 1938), with a 4th renewal (in Feb 2008) to its name.

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