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  1. I may not watch television, but I understand the worth of a good TV just fine, thank you very much. They’re excellent for watching movies and playing games.

    As for the character, just because your life is so boring that you have to find things to complain about doesn’t mean you need to inflict that upon others. Grow up.

  2. We used to have a woman who came into the shoe shop where I worked about once a month or so, just to tell us loudly, “All your shoes are horrible! There’s never anything nice in here!”

    After I gave a sh*t-eating smile and said just as loudly, “Thank you very much!” she stopped coming in so much.

    • I don’t watch broadcast television any more, and for the very reasons you mention. Though I will watch Netflix and Hulu. The subtle difference is no commercials every eight seconds. It also means I’m far more selective about what I *DO* watch – no more channel surfing for hours to find something ‘good’ to watch. I do have a television, but it’s a modern ‘smart’ TV of modest size and doubles as my computer monitor.

      • We also don’t watch broadcast TV anymore, but we still have a nice, large smart TV. It’s great for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and video games (plus watching DVD/Blu-Ray on the PS3).

    • I share the opinion that much of modern TV isn’t worth watching. But that’s been true of programming since the medium began. There have always been exceptional shows in the sea of mediocrity (or worse). I think some OTA series are excellent, while I see nearly all “reality”/”unscripted” as offensive. My opinion – your mileage may vary.

      As mentioned in this thread, there is solid streaming content and even some good ones still on cable (not nearly enough for me to pay the ridiculous prices).

      Of course, it’s largely a matter of taste. One man’s garbage…

  3. While she may not watch television, I bet she’s one of those people that has 8 or 9 different devices that she streams netflix from.

          • I’m bitter we couldn’t come up with any better choices. This past election truly was. as Lewis Black once commented, a choice between two bowls of sh*t.

          • I’m with Mark. Two terrible options and a bunch of others that may have been promising but never had a chance.

  4. This reminds me of my Linguistics instructor at UT Austin (summer course). He came to class in a t-shirt and “flip-flops”. He made it clear to us – time after time – that he never watched TV and would never think about eating anything that didn’t come from Whole Foods Market (1st WFM store was in Austin). I actually liked the guy.

    • Wow, you mean he made enough money he could shop at Whole Foods? He probably bought his tee shirt and flip-slops at WalMart so he could shop at WFM. I bet all the people who do the arch “I never” actually do at some time or other. I “don’t” watch TV unless the program is on the DVD so I can zap through the interminable commercials. I don’t eat at the food courts because I don’t like the food. But I will eat at the full service chain restaurants in the mall. It’s true, though, the too, too precious ones out themselves – so we are warned!

      • Nah, the savings on subscription TV is enough for an elevated food budget. Funny thing is old standards of budgeting was 30% for housing, 30% for food, and the other 40% for everything else. Nowadays, food is only 5-10% percent of the average person’s budget.

  5. As a matter of fact, the only show I actually watch is “The Big Bang Theory”. I did get “Call the Midwife” from the library, and I’m working my way through that.

    I pretty much agree with Jack. Back when there were only three stations, the producers, et al, had time to make a weekly show worth watching. Now, there are so many stations they are frantic to throw something up there – and it shows!

    • This is true but in other ways some of the stuff that was put out then was crap because of the captive audience factor. Depends on who was in charge. There’s good and bad stuff now, though I do agree there’s more “fluff” because the 300 channels of cable need to have something to play.

      • This is what happens when prom queens graduate high school and discover that being Little Miss Popular doesn’t cut it in the real world. They have to come up with something else to make themselves better than everyone else.

    • Because she’s bored and has nothing better to do. Something that could be solved by, I dunno, watching TV, perhaps?

  6. I once overheard a woman loudly talking about how she is “boycotting China.”

    She’s free to do what she wants, but I have no idea why she was saying this in a dollar store, which quite possibly has the highest concentration of Chinese-made goods.

      • Sorry, should’ve been clearer. She was at the checkout line, paying for stuff. It was very unlikely that she had non-Chinese goods in her purchase.

  7. Ahhhh yes. She’s one of those “enlightened” people.

    “I never watch television as I refuse to fill my mind with mindless dribble.”

    “I don’t DO meat I prefer to eat all natural and all vegan soybean substitute meals raised on all natural farm land.”

  8. One I got recently while designing a kitchen with a customer was, “Oh no, we won’t buy a microwave. Didn’t you know that they destroy all the nutrients in food?”

  9. customer was buying alkaline water without chemicals in it but low ph because distilled water will kill you. (her exact words)

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