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  1. Retail Discount Store in the 1960’s: we had a customer who worked in FM radio with a voice to die for, and when he was in the store at closing time, was recruited to do the closing announcements (15-minutes, 5-minutes, and “now closed”).
    It may not have got the shoppers out of the store any sooner, but the message was heard.

    • One location of a home improvement store that I worked for had a guy that they loved to have make the announcements because he could do a near-perfect imitation of Russ Leatherman, aka “Mr. Moviefone “.

  2. The only way to get customers out by closing time is to be firm that closing means closing means closing. Unfortunately it’s easier to part the waters of the Red Sea than it is to get shift supervisors to respect that.
    I do recall the evening when we had a sudden flood of customers at the last minute and a long line at the register right at closing time. OK , the customers in line had been in the store before closing so we’re frantically trying to get them checked out. The entry door was locked but exit wasn’t and people were coming anyway and in spite of the staff person at the door telling them the store was closed. It looked hopeless. And then this dwerp comes in 10 minutes after closing and wants a key made. Couldn’t stop him from coming in. Couldn’t stop him from shopping or getting in line. But I could tell him emphatically “no” on making the key. We were closed and had been closed for the last ten minutes and he could come back in the morning. We opened at 8. That poor guy looked like he’d been hit with a brick.
    Thank the good lord that the weenie of an assistant manager wasn’t there or we’d have been stuck for another hour and the next day we each would have received a stern lecture on overtime.
    And yes, Mary, I’m talking about you

    • You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I love how they rag on “overtime” yet tell us we have to serve the customers even if it goes past closing time and even past our scheduled time!

      • You’re “supposed” to get all the customers checked out and finished before closing time. And if they’re trying to sneak in after the store is closed you’re “supposed” to convey to them that they will have to come back the next day WITHOUT making them angry. That’s the *Insert Store Name Here* Way!

        The reality is that overtime is just a smokescreen. It’s a way for management and corporate to throw the employees under the bus when the stockholders are concerned about profits. Same goes for shrinkage, damage, and spoilage, the reality is that they know how to fix it they just don’t care, they’d rather pass the buck because solving the problem would cost more than the problem itself costs.

        • I would solve spoilage by giving all food to the poor as soon as it reaches its sell-by date. I could write off the donation on my taxes to save money, and I’d be helping people who can’t afford to eat.

    • Once, the district manager was visiting my store, and a customer came banging on the door fifteen or twenty minutes after closing time. At this point, the lights were off, the registers were down, and we were counting money. The DM let the customer in and made us take care of her, writing down the sale on a slip of paper to be put through the next morning. You’d better believe that customer browsed for half an hour before purchasing about $3.00 worth of merchandise. I swear the DM’s chipper “Never lose a sale!” still haunts my nightmares.

      • Oh that’s beautiful. How many of you would now need to be paid for that extra half hour? That idiot DM lost money with this nonsense.

      • As a former DM in a previous life, I can assure you I wouldn’t have done that at all. I’m not saying I was perfect but I was more on the side of store employees than ridiculous customers and/or corporate policies. Maybe that’s why I’m a former DM?

    • I’m quite lucky in that I have Trading Laws behind me so letting customers in after closing time is actually against the law. Doesn’t stop customers from whining, pleading, begging, swearing and screaming at me to break the law for them. *eye roll* You have sixteen hours to get here before we close, dammit!

  3. My store (a grocery store) closes at Midnite. Monday night was so slow, my supervisor locked the Front Door at 11:50PM instead of 11:55PM.

  4. What I hate is that we’re not allowed to say “We’re closed, could you finish shopping please” but we’re also not allowed to stay past our scheduled close time, so we are left to subtle hints that nobody ever gets. We’ll shut down a register and loudly count the change, we’ll start the vacuum cleaner, we’ll shut off the music and half the lights and people still just browse thinking we’re open another couple hours (we’ve never been open that late).

  5. Remember the woman who stayed an hour after Grumbel’s closed? She knew damn well the store was closed; she just didn’t care.

    People like that should be beaten with a clue bat.

  6. These little fools need to go back to pre-school and learn how to tell time. I knew by the time I was 4 years old that a half hour was 30 minutes not 15.

  7. My brother tells me that Target has this issue beat; their registers are shut down by corporate after they close. I can’t remember if they have no minutes, fifteen minutes or half an hour after closing to get everyone through, but once the registers are turned off there is *nothing* management can do but have people come back the next day.

    Kinda gives me the warm fuzzies, really. n__n

    • I have seen stores where if the store closed at 9pm then the registers would shut down at 9pm. No if, ands or buts. I was at one store (done got what I wanted and was talking to someone) and seen the registers shut down with people still in line. They had to just leave empty handed.

    • I worked at Target in Florida and Ohio and the registers were put in a sleepy state by closing manager. 1 or 2 Registers were left open until it was confirmed that ever “guest” *puke* was out of the store. We still had People in 15-30 minutes AFTER closing.

  8. Those are the same people who will wonder why the staff is so rude to them when they’re being rung up (or leave without buying anything) after the store is officially closed.

    • As I stated above I was a former DM. I used to tell people all the time, I’m sorry the store is closed, mall regulations don’t allow us to have anyone in the store at this time. If it was a stand alone store I would tell them the Fire Dept. was coming in for a test and we can’t have anyone in the store. Used to tell my Store Managers to use some line of B.S. like that and I would never rag on them for it. Fair is fair.

  9. I am the closer. I went from working 3rd shift Nightstock to 2nd shift Closer Cashier/SCO Supervisor.
    It is amazing how many people ignore the fact we are closing.
    I don’t mean “Oh, I am waiting in line, it’s fine.”
    Guy regularly came in at 12:58, knowing we closed at 1. And first he’d browse through the newspaper, argue they should be free because the day was over.(We send them back for refund so no, no free papers) then he’d go over to produce, graze through it for 15 minutes, eat some of this and that(Which is stealing) then go to the bathroom, then maybe buy a candy bar. It became so bad that the store changed my schedule from 5-1 to 5:15-1:15 because they were tired of paying me for 15 minutes of OT a night.
    Management/Front End Supervisor didn’t believe me that the guy existed. “No one could possibly do that” so forth.
    Until I went on vacation, someone else had to close, and reported the exact same thing. Then suddenly they believed me that no, seriously, this guy does it, every, single, night.
    Eventually he disappeared for 2 months, then came back during the day(I was stunned as I’d never seen him in before 12:58) and he shopped like a normal human being. I guess someone threw him in the loony bin for a couple of months, got him on meds, and straightened him out.

    • Good. I’m glad he got the help he obviously needed. And that you don’t have to deal with a problem closing time customer anymore.

  10. At my last job, when I had customers come in near closing time, I’d tell them they had X minutes and then my register would lock out, so I wouldn’t be able to ring them out. It was a lie, but it worked.

  11. We’re not even allowed to do closing announcements at our store anymore because the CEO “doesn’t want us kicking people out of his stores.”

    If there’s still anyone shopping at closing, the overnight manager will let the cashier decide if they want to stay or not.

    I once stayed 2 hours past close for a family who ended up spending $600 in groceries. I couldn’t pass up the OT + overnight shift diff.

    • My job is very reluctant to give me overtime, being a full time employee, if I’m held back a long time by a customer on a late shift I’m just give time in lieu.

  12. I work in a store that in any other state is 24/7/364(only full day closed is Christmas!), but not in my state. We close at midnight on Saturday night and it is state law. We have what is called the state blue law and it clearly states that there is a twelve hour window that we must close(grocery stores and convenience stores are exempt). It pretty much means these ladies would have no choice but to get out by midnight or they could get us into legal trouble. That means if we close in fifteen minutes, you are to be out by then. No staying after.

    About a month or so ago, I was working one of those Saturday nights till close on the self-checkouts. We literally were telling them hurry up as there were so many using them as we approached midnight. A manager was right there with me and the minute the clock on the register at the end clicked to midnight, those still in line had their stuff taken and were told to go, as we could no longer serve them. Some were angry, but they were told we can’t because of state law. We hit midnight on Saturday, that’s it! They will shoo them out the door and shut off the switches on the doors so they cannot get in and only employees know how to get passed that. Too many out of staters here now because of the oil boom and other jobs because we are the state with them. You want to change the law, get your rear in the state house and senate, not that it would help. They’ve tried to change it, but no luck so far.

  13. Idiots do this on the phones, too. Call in at 5:58 PM and then complain on the voicemail that they called “before you close” and why didn’t we pick up the phone?

    Then there was the idiot who left a voicemail about 15-20 minutes after closing. This snippy woman’s voice, dripping with “I’m so important” vibes, who said, “I’m sure there is someone still there and I expect a call back tonight!” Of course, I was listening to this the next morning, because not allowed to stay past end of shift, and wouldn’t have called her back after closing anyway. We don’t do it. Too bad, so sad.

  14. So are the two shoppers those types that don’t think closing time applies to them, the type that don’t know how many minutes are in an hour, or those that think that 15 is half of 60?

  15. reminds me of a OLD story: after a bunch of customers ignored repeated “store is now closing” announcements, they announced, “the store is now closed. anyone still here will have to stay all night. sleeping accommodations are in the rear of the store.” that got them all to the checkout in less than a minute!

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