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  1. Is that a look of desperation I see on Stewart’s face? It looks like he’s trying to convince himself, as much as reassure Brice. Maybe there’s some underlying reason for his slavish devotion to the rules, beyond cartoonish villainy downright stupidity. I think it would be interesting to see where this mentality came from.

    • Yeah, he’s trying to spout the party line without failing the Laugh Test…although I suspect his laugh would border on hysteria…

      • I think he’s trying not to break down screaming, “What am I doing with my life!?” It looks like, on some level, he knows his job is meaningless, and the only thing preventing some sort of breakdown is the hope that, one day, he’ll be in charge.

    • It continues to baffle me how he’s referred to as “Stuart” in the comic, yet still some people call him Stewart. It’s not a movie where the name is spoken, it’s written in the comic as “Stuart”. Spelling it “Stewart” in the comments truly has me confused.

      • Looking at how people process words they typically don’t read every letter of every word. Usually just the ones on the ends of the words that we actually register and read. At least according to a cambridge study. Its also the fact that when you write comments you’re not actually looking at the comic itself. So they are probably writing it the way feels most natural to them.

  2. Stuart has clearly never seen this image or one very like it which has been floating around office copiers since I was old enough to remember (probably the 60s, possibly earlier).

  3. Now I understand. Stewart convinced himself long ago he cant make changes, finds himeself in an industry or store that cant make changes fast enough, comptete with the internet etc…realizes he cant do anything else so is in complete denial. Treats others badly because he doesnt know how else to treat them and simply is hoping to make enough money to retire on before Grumbles goes under.

  4. I disagree that he’s twitchy in the last panel. I think Stuart is looking hopefully towards what he sees as a perfect future where he can make the rules that don’t make sense.

    • yes and no. I think it’s a combination of twitchiness and hope. Specifically, I think what motivates Stuart is control- specifically, a desire to be in control. However, even DMs at a store like Grumbels have fairly limited authority- the only things we know that the DM can do is inspect stores, pass on suggestions from store level to Corporate (or, more usually, refuse to) and not a great deal else, except approve AM appointments- and, if nessecary, appoint a new SM.

      That’s why he acts the way he does- he rides his stres so hard- and used to ride his employees so hard- because he is excercising what limited control he has.

      The reason why he’s twitchy? becasue he’s actually having his own realization: for years, he has thought of the DM position as one of ultimate power- so it’s been his career ambition. Now, he’s realising what little power he actually has- so, he tells himself that by keeping his head down, he will be promoted to the point he has true control. The sad fact is, he almost certainly won’t be. (two reasons: 1. the positions that have true authority generally require you to show that you can actually MAKE decisions. Stuart has always refused to make decisions himself. 2. those positions usually aren’t promoted from store level anyway)

  5. So here, the rule is “Use magic to generate the missing items.” And what if you can’t use magic or superpowers and don’t have an eleth mixer? You have to follow that rule? Isn’t that discriminatory toward those not gifted with such things?

  6. So… work hard enough at it and YOU’LL be the one who’s out of touch with what goes on out there… not really selling me on this, Stuart.

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