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  1. Guess we’ll find out what kind of kooky shenanigans will happen now. On a side note, wonder when that Sanzen revenge will kick in….

    • At this point, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if a month is added for every time someone mentions Sanzen or Phase 2.

    • Maybe she is his revenge.

      Or maybe Sanzen’s revenge won’t be revenge at all as we would recognize it, he seemed happy with his little overlordship.

    • I want that revenge thing to happen soon, just so it’s over and everyone stops caring. The whole character and concept was just a little too over the top, even for a comic strip.

      • We’re probably at Sanzen’s Revenge not happening until 2024 or something. Remember: Every time someone mentions it, it’s delayed another month. Norm wants us to forget about him before it happens.

        • I’m inclined to believe Crystal was sent to foil the “s” revenge.
          Y’know, along the line of “She’s the AM that Grumbles deserves but not the one they need”.

      • I’m so sick of hearing about Sanzen’s Revenge. I don’t even remember anything about it, it happened so long ago. (No, I’m not interested in looking it up; I just want everyone to stop talking about it, heh)
        At this point I don’t think Norm ever intends to return to it.

    • I think Crystal and Lunker are going to become an item and one will have to leave Grumbel’s. Most likely it will be Crystal. (Cooper and Val are in the same pay class.)

  2. I think what’ll happen is she will change the place around to a startling degree…like defusing customer arguments, finding ways to get all the merchandise out and according to planogram, get employees to stay after etc etc etc….

    …and then Brice will want to come back and Marla won’t take him because Crystal is doing so well…but then Stuart steps in and puts Brice back in his old position and finds some asinine reason to demote or fire Crystal.

    • That is, based on many stories here, entirely possible…

      ..and yet I don’t like you for saying it. I apologize.

    • Unless Norm is bringing the strip to a close, I would NOT expect any outcome that sounds too much like “…. and they lived happily ever after”.

    • Do remember that when Stuart tried to make Cooper redundant, citing hour cuts, Lunker took his hours cut in half to keep him there. Stuart left the stock room saying he ‘just want to get out alive’.

      I think if Stuart tried a similar tactic on Crystal, Lunker would have a few choice words again…

  3. I could see her being able to announce in advance when zucchini-head is coming to visit so that they won’t get caught out with things not being done perfectly.

    • I too have no idea what Marla is thinking. Crystal has made a good first impression as someone who is kooky (as in the good, funny crazy), yet sociable and upbeat. What red flags is Crystal giving? We haven’t seen them. Maybe Marla has lost any sense of optimism and has become an eternal pessimist because Grumbel’s has sucked away her soul. Sadly, that’s a very normal thing…

        • Despite a very good first impression by Crystal, I think Marla has been in the real (and retail) world too long and subscribes to the ideology that “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” I can’t blame her for her pessimism, or at least some healthy apprehension. This long arc can go in so many directions. Can Crystal be so good that Zucchini Head gives her the NH store?

          • This clearly is not a “too good to be true” case, this is Marla getting irritated over something she already knew in advance for being a stuck-up.

    • It is like no one here has worked in retail. 6 months is really all it takes for a soul to be consumed in retail, especially under such wonders as Stuart. Only cynicism remains at this point. Weep bitterly for poor Marla, she is dead inside!

      • Clouds, I have worked in retail and you are so correct. Even if someone like Crystal comes along, it’s hard to accept the fact that it could really be this good. 5 years in retail kind of made me jaded. 20 years in Healthcare Management didn’t help that either. Quin, unless you are Norm in disguise, your guess about Crystal is no better than mine or anyone else’s guess. Nothing is “clearly” obvious (again, unless you’re the writer).

    • There’s an old saying “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. We have yet to see how Crystal handles AM responsibilities.

    • Why do you insist on defending this crackpot? Sure, she might be better than Josh or Brice, but that’s really not too hard. If she keeps pushing her beliefs on employees or customers, she’s a bad AM. While she is not aggressive, the thought of a superior expressing (really out loud) his/her personal beliefs is a red flag for most employees. As for customers’ – that’s obvious. She needs to tone it down A LOT.

      Also, before you ask/accuse, I’d say the same (actually, it’d turn into a rant) if she was Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or whatever rocks her boat.

      • She really isn’t pushing her beliefs on anyone, she’s just expressing her own opinion. This is no more annoying than someone saying “thank you Jesus” every time a good thing happens.

        • It’s actually more akin to saying “I don’t believe in coincidences, Jesus wanted this to happen”, or in previous comics “This store reeks of Antichrist”, “God has sent me to work here”, or (though not a major breach) “This dress looks like Allah himself created it”. As for the job interview last year? Well, yeah, red flags all around.

  4. I can see Crystal working out so well that Stuart will want to shop her off to New Hampshire to straighten out those stores leaving a perfect party to slide Brice back to Maria’s store. Brice being punished by leaving and not facing Stuart but Stuart is so gaga over his protege he’s willing to give him another chance like the protocol son.

    • This possibility is sooo *nuts*…

      … that it is entirely possible.
      Have Crystal promoted over Marla and vanish again!

  5. I don’t like how Marla’s still in doubt over this but we still haven’t seen Crystal do any actual work have we? Marla’s just been introducing her around. She has still to meet Cooper. I want to see how she interacts with customers.

  6. Crystal’s one big flaw is that she talks too much and it’s mostly about her.
    I can see where Marla is coming from.

  7. Aw, c’mon, Marla! Give her a chance! She seems nice enough. And I mean genuinely nice, not nice to her face and plotting behind her back.

    • How is Marla not giving her a chance? She’s keeping her thoughts to herself. She hasn’t done anything to interfere with her.

        • Nah, shes just very sceptical.

          A lot of people like that have absolutely zero practically, they may be very nice but they are also useless.

          How useful she is will be determined soon 🙂

  8. Marla you made a decision. Stick with it. This woman seems enthusastic and engaged. You hired based on experience. Stop sabotaging her first week.

    • Agreed…

      Marla: “oh this person’s belief system is different from mine. Must bring it up in my own internal dialogue at every opportunity and judge her harshly for it.”

  9. Hasn’t anybody noticed that the quirky ones are the ones who work out the best? Cooper from the git-go,Lunker (definitely!), Arthur (because he was simply a competent and decent guy) and the punk rocker (whose name escapes me). They were all about getting the job done,as opposed to Josh and Brice,who were all about their own advancement,with their slavish adherence to the rules and blind obedience to the corporate overlords. That being said, I think Crystal will work out fine. In fact, she may be this comic’s version of Phoebe Figalilly! (Kudos to whomever figures out that connection)

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