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    • The Nissan Juke has a top speed of 125 mph (drag limited) based on one source though I did find somebody posted a image of claiming to go 230kmh or 143mph.

      • Supposedly the AWD and Turbo models are pretty quick, not sure off hand on 0-60, but their drag strip standing start times are in the mid-low 15 second range. Usually anytime a vehicle can run 14.99 seconds or less is considered pretty quick, and even that close really isn’t anything to laugh at, especially for such a funny looking like wagon like those are. I’m not sure how fast they are, but I can’t imagine it would do that for long, the AWD models only hold 11 gallons at a time!

        There is a special Juke GT-R that had originally been build as a pace vehicle at a Formula 1 race in one of the Middle Eastern countries, but the race shop that built those had somehow managed to cram the drivetrain and suspension from their legendary GT-R under it. It’s one of those vehicles that is utterly senseless and completely awesome at the same time!

    • I was doing 90 for a good stretch on my trip to Disney Land in my 1992 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon last summer. … I didn’t take it past 92MPH, but I could have… Most cars these days are capable of going much faster than typical cruising speed… the idea is that cars tend to drive nicer at cruising speed when that speed isn’t their absolute top speed. A lot of cars though do have a thing often referred to as a ‘govenator’ (slang) which can limit speed through computer controls, but I can’t imagine most of those would limit below 90 except in commercial vehicles…. My mum by the way… did one time get a speeding ticket for taking her ’69 VW bug up to 90MPH.

    • I can tell you that my SUV had no trouble hitting 86 mph when I got that speeding ticket… Also, off the record, I managed to hit 107mph. Didn’t even realize I was doing it, either. Easy when it’s 1a on an interstate after 9 hours at work. This is in an ’06 Equinox, AWD. (So V6, 3.4L)

    • IDK what kind of car Val has, but it looks relatively new.
      Also, I know my Camry will cruise happily at 85, and easily pass tractor trailers (aka 18 wheelers) at 110, and it felt fine at that speed.
      I think I would have zipped through the entire Midwest at 110 except for the cops. I actually got pulled over (no ticket) for doing 85 in an 80 zone in Kansas.

    • Not on an Interstate Road, oncoming lanes are usually separated by grass median that are at least as wide as the stretches of highway they’re separating.

        • No. My highway is like that. Our speed limit is 75, as well, but here one can only go five to seven mph over before a ticket is guaranteed.

        • 4 lane “highway” etc, they usually have guardrails on both sides. Cooper is just doing the standard thing and hogging the left lane 😛

        • Yes. There are many places in the Northeast(where they live) that have interstates set up like that. Most of the time it’s due to the geography of the area, building the lanes on different levels with a steep incline between…thus the guard rail on the driver side.

          • Exactly. In our area (also New England/near-New England states), if the northbound lanes are higher than the southbound lanes in elevation, there’s a guardrail on the driver’s side. Don’t want the northbound cars going off and crashing into the southbound traffic.

        • Yes, with a guardrail on that side. Or one of those concrete barriers that are wider on the bottom. I can’t think of many freeways that are NOT like that. It may not be much, but it’s better than absolutely NOTHING between me and oncoming traffic, especially at such high speeds!

          • Here I Denmark we have guard rails on both sides of the individual “directions”. The right most guardrails has a emergency lane before it, and after the highway.

    • The key thing is that the dotted lines are white, denoting same-direction lanes. If they were yellow, Coop’d be in trouble.

    • Well, I’d do 80 or 85. Doing the limit makes you a pokey grandma. But I wouldn’t do 90… generally the cops here will let you get away with 10 but not 15.

    • 75 in a modern car is so smooth and effortless that it’s boring, even for a vehicle like the Juke.

      I can’t think of a single car sold in America in the last 20 years that can’t handle a sustained 90-mph cruising speed, and in the more open parts of the country, of which there are plenty along 95, you absolutely NEED to go that fast.

      Besides, to paraphrase Morpheus, “What is Safe? How do you define Safe?”

      • I drove cross-country 5 years ago in a ’97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and for almost a thousand constant miles, my speed was hovering around 90 because there was never a cop in sight! That Jeep has a well-built and finely-tuned engine and still runs quite well to this day, so I think this car in particular is designed to cruise at 90 if you need it to.

  1. While I’m pleased as punch to see Val and Coop’s vacation, I WANT MORE COURTNEY FIRED STUFF.

    Kthanks. 😀

    • I think he is using it to show they are out of their area. It’s 65 everywhere except Maine north of Virginia, it’s probably showing that they have travelled several hundred miles.

      • Uh, no. Not sure where you got the thinking that new englanders think part of the mid-Atlantic is the south. That said the mason dixon line isn’t further south and people in VA consider themselves in the south so yeah. Might want to check your facts a bit.

        • Considering yourself and actually being is different. I can pretend to be Indian (Habeeb, not “woo-woo-woo”) all I want, but that doesn’t make me.

  2. I don’t think we’re going to see more of the Courtney thing til next week. If they had continued with it everyone would be wondering about Val and Cooper. This way we get to see their trip and they’ll probably continue with the Courtney thing next Monday when Val and Cooper return. We may have seen the last of her anyway and Marla will be telling them about how she fired Courtney. It’s nice when we have a storyline that takes place out of the store as long as it doesn’t go on too long. I remember a few years ago they went on forever with a story Val was writing and I found it to be a bore to go on that long with it.

    • Hmm, good point. Personally I prefer it the other way, emphasizing the store and its internal politics, that when the people in there leave it, they are effectively “off stage”. I’ll admit to curiosity about the fallout of Courtney getting fired, what if anything she’s going to say to Josh, etc. The Val/Cooper storyline is nice; my concern is that their relationship may overshadow the main thrust of the strip, the fun-fun-fun world of retail. I’ve seen other light-hearted strips grow more serious over the years, hard to say if that’s a good thing.

  3. Where the hell lets you go 15 over and not get pulled over? Most places it’s 10 over and a ticket, and some places more than 5 if you have out of state plates.

    • Well, klp is right with regards to going with the flow, that said, here about in California, you’re alright if you go over the posted limit by 10-15, once you start going 20 over, you’re looking at a ticket.

  4. When I was driving cross country a few years ago, I came to some experimental speed zones in Nevada and Utah where they were testing out 80 mph speed limits. It was absolutely glorious going 90 mph and not having to watch out for cops. And I wasn’t even the fastest one on the road.

    Yeah, being in a pickup meant I burned a lot of fuel driving that fast, but you know what? Totally worth it.

  5. Yeah I have family who drive that way. I and the boyfriend of a classmate in college had to explain what a lead foot meant. I still laugh about that today because when I said it the classmate actually thought I was talking about a metal foot. I think a lead foot might be just a bit heavy.

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