35 thoughts on “June 4, 2016

  1. Has anyone else noticed that Brice’s head has slowly been getting wider? It’s about twice as wide now as when we first met him a few months ago.

    Maybe this is supposed to mean he’s…broadening his perspective on retail?

    Also, huzzah! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

  2. It’s difficult to learn anything from anyone you think doesn’t know any more than you do already. Maybe that’s why I found school so dull…

  3. A subtle thing that I appreciate is Marla’s facial expressions. They don’t say “I hate to say I told you so but….” It seems to be more looks of genuine curiosity as to what Brice got out of the experience with a SLIGHT hint of “I’m not expecting any surprises.”

  4. Brice, there is yet hope for you . Remember this lesson and the wisdom Stuart lacks will be yours in abundance.

    The problem is, those who diverge from the corporate rank-and-file seldom get promoted to upper management. And if they do, they quickly forget what they learned on the front lines.

  5. Brice will still have some moments when he’ll frustrate us, but he’s had the disappointment of seeing his idol topple from his pedestal. Now he should be more teachable, rather than the know it all jerk he was when he first came.

    • Exactly. Now that the pedestal is broken, it’s Marla’s chance to extend the olive branch, as it were, and maybe enlist Brice’s help in trying to improve the store (with a healthy dose of realism involved, of course, and without trying to force the workers to meet unmeetable standards).

  6. It just occurred to me that now that he has heard the unwise wisdom of Stuart and rejected it, it must be time for him to hear the true wisdom of Lunker.

  7. “Welcome back to the light side of the Force, young padawan!”

    I hope the next step is to apologize to those he’s wronged and try to correct his past mistakes.

  8. A breakthrough; let’s hope it helps Brice to begin to think for himself, as well as realize that corporate doesn’t have all the answers.

    • I just rewatched that episode with my ESL student and she now understands what “shaka when the walls fell” means. I’m a proud teacher.

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