19 thoughts on “June 4, 2017

  1. I’m guessing it’s a mistagging (Crystal was tagged not Amber), but I hope Norm’s not implying that Crystal had anything to do with that.

    • Crystal is the reason that Marla is finally able to take a whole weekend off. Now she has someone to cover for her. (Despite her opinion of Crystal, which I still feel is unjustified.)

      • I read Marla as skeptical-neutral but open to change. Work in retail long enough and that is the default mode you have for any new hire.

  2. In the hospital where I work in my post retail life, we get every other weekend off. Wouldn’t you know that my weekend is the one where it always rains? It’s been raining this weekend too.

  3. One thing I’ve noticed about these smartphone weather apps — they always give the worse case scenarios.

    • I’d rather have worst-case scenario and be told to prepare for the possibility of rain than to be told it’ll be “Bright and sunny, 76 degrees, light wind” and get rain, 60 degrees, and blowin’ up a storm.

  4. Would you believe this happened to me two weeks in a row? But with Sunday and Monday because fast food.

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