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    • Yeep, because the room will reek cigarette smoke which is still bad and I am ultra-sensitive to the smell so I can smell faster then most people.

      It happened to me at a hotel where i took a non-smoking room, but i could smell cigarette smoke and asked to change rooms. The employee came in and could not smell it for a few minutes then they changed my room.

  1. Why didn’t they make a reservation? They’re lucky to find anything. Hopefully the room won’t smell too much like smoke if they don’t smoke, they can hopefully air it out if necessary.

    • They want to get to Disney Land as quickly as possible so they will keep driving until they can’t drive anymore hence no reservations.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Just pick a spot on the road and make the reservation there. It’s also a bad idea to wait until you’re completely exhausted to stop because you have to take whatever they give you, or you’re SOL if they have nothing.

      • The problem with that is if you’re delayed for some reason (traffic, vehicular problems, an unexpected bout of food poisoning, whatever) and you can’t make it to that particular hotel, then you end up cancelling without 24 hours notice and then usually have to pay for the room anyways, as well as the room you actually end up staying the night in.

        Hopefully they’ve made reservations for Disneyland itself (or they’re hosed); but there can be really good reasons for not making reservations in advance for the driving part of the trip, especially if you’re on a budget.

        • Not to mention, too, that they usually want a credit card number to take a reservation, so if you don’t have a credit card, you usually simply CAN’T make a reservation.

          They still want credit cards for the damage deposit too, usually, but if you’re there in person you can usually get them to accept a cash deposit. In the morning, they take a quick look at the room before you go, and then they give it back, or refund it to your account if they used your debit card.

          • A friend of mine was not allowed to rent a hotel room because he did not have a credit card even though he did have $2500 is cash. No card, no room.

        • They are not going to Disneyland in California, they are going to Walt Disney World in Florida.
          Also, driving down I95 from New England, most of the exits have a cluster of hotels, so we usually do not bother to make a reservation.
          Last time I drove this way, we got stuck in a big jam south of DC, and stopped at the first exit we reached in VA, about 100 miles short of our goal.

          • You really should have posted it as a reply to the original message, instead of making a new post at the bottom of the list. That way, he probably wouldn’t have missed seeing it.

            In my experience, people generally don’t expect replies to existing messages to be made as entirely new posts.

            Also, he didn’t merely repeat your point. He added a link to the Treasury Department website’s page, which makes it easier for people to check it themselves.

            It’s a small point, but that sort of thing does strengthen what you’re trying to say.

    • You could do that, but sleeping in a car isn’t all that comfortable and does require some getting used to. I can do it simply because I have gotten used to it, but its not for all.

          • Your magical, self-aware, self-operated flying .45, that will patrol while you sleep to make sure you do not wake up already facing the wrong end of another gun, or your Mystical .45 Talisman of Don’t Rob Me Seriously That’s Not Cool?

          • Same here. Don’t listen to the anti-gun nut. Just because they want to be a victim doesn’t mean you need to be.

          • As someone who is very much a gun nut, the “anti-gun” nut is right. If you are sleeping you are at a disadvantage, gun or not. I carry wherever I go but I know that there are situations in which I will not inherently have the upper hand, even if I am aware of my surroundings. Dacatus has a point – the gun does little good if you’re already in a situation that unfolded while you were asleep. Instead of being an arrogant ass who thinks a gun solves all your problems (thereby giving ALL gun owners, like me, a bad name), could you try showing some common sense and forethought in your posts?

            Because I keep my gun with me, I wouldn’t mind sleeping in my car, but would understand that my gun does not automatically protect me or give me the upper hand since I will be unaware of my surroundings while I am sleeping. It may be a great defense should I wake up and not already be at a disadvantage, but it is not a magical tool that automatically keeps me safe. That’s what I’m for. Guns don’t kill people; people do. By the same token, my gun doesn’t keep me safe; I do.

          • I would think that simple common sense would tell you that having a gun won’t do you much good while you’re ASLEEP.

            They don’t aim and fire themselves, you know.

            If a wild animal or a criminal finds you while you’re asleep, you could very easily be dead before you’re even aware that anything is happening.

          • A gun doesn’t make you a super hero. I have no idea why people think it does. Soldiers have guns yet die everyday when someone else has the upper hand.

      • That could be a situation where Coop’s van would be better. Wouldn’t want to take it into any know smuggling corridors though, they’s get stopped in less than a heartbeat!

    • If you’re doing that, why not have one sleep while the other drives? That’s the beauty of two people taking a long trip.

  2. Whoever made a product that has no health value, no good taste, and no good smell, but still has millions of people buy is a cold-hearted genius.

    • because until the 1950s, tobacco was thought to be healthy. ( IIRC, it was thought to help poeple lose weight.) Easpecially since every time a study was released showing tobacco was harmful, another was released ( sponsored by tobacco companies, funnily enough) saying the opposite. By the time people started waking up to the dangers of smoking, it was too late, many people were addicted.

        • I’ve never personally known a smoker who did not grow up in a home where someone smoked. I’ve heard childcare providers talk about children of smokers acting up a few hours after mom or dad leaves, like they are having withdraws. Personal experience is hardly enough to prove a correlation, but I bet people start smoking because they are already addicted to second-hand smoke.

  3. Sorry, truness: This is on the US Treasury website, “Private businesses are free to develop their own policies on whether or not to accept cash unless there is a State law which says otherwise.”

    So far, there isn’t an American State that insists that businesses take cash as we know it. Businesses can take “cash” in electronic form, aka credit / debit cards, but do not have to take the literal dollars and coins that we have in our pockets.

    • Oh, and the fact that the bills say “Legal tender” is so that we don’t try to pay for our things in rubles or euros or kiwis or any other country’s dinero.

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