23 thoughts on “June 5, 2017

  1. I can’t feel sorry for Brice. He is such a jerkwad, and reminds me too much of every department and assistant manager I ever had. IMO, he deserves this. He deserves to suffer in a hostile environment.

    • I don’t think Brice is as bad that that. He’s just someone who’s been duped by the attitude in the company manual. A distorted view of how things “should be”. But I think he’s learning – not with a blinding flash of revelation, but incrementally.

      • I agree. Brice is growing up. He’s learning that it’s not power or authority that defines a AM or Manager but responsibility.

        • Yep…and Brice did show at times that he wasn’t such as jerkward, such as when he didn’t believe Marla was lying when she skipped the manager’s meeting, even in the face of Stuart going off.

          Brice is actually a good contrast to Marla, who’s become extremely cynical about her job over the years, and I think these two storylines (Brice/Mina and Marla/Crystal) are really going to emphasize that personality difference.

  2. And now Brice gets to see that he’s worth less than toilet paper in Mina’s eyes. His only purpose is to be used up, thrown out, and forgotten about there.

    Gee, Brice, bet you wish you hadn’t nuked the bridges back at Grumbles from orbit now, don’t you? Sure, you might not have gotten back as a management position, because you’ve already shown you’ll leave at the first sign of more money, but working a register for Marla wouldn’t be so bad now compared to what you’re in for.

  3. Translation of Mina’s comments: “My ex-assistant was no longer willing to put up with my backstabbing, tyrannical approach to management. And now YOU’RE snared, Brice, and I will eventually use you up and discard you like a Dixie cup when it suits my purposes, as I have with dozens before you. And I will lose absolutely no sleep over it.”

    • and his past at Grumbles, as far as the higher ups are concerned he might as well be dead at this point.

  4. I kind of thought we’d be switching to one-off comics starting this week for a while. I’m pleasantly surprised to see the story lines continue. 🙂

  5. I foresee Stuart forcing Marla to take Brice back. Either that, or we get to see a LOT more of Delman’s-themed strips.

    • Or we see Stuart telling Brice “Nope” you burned the bridge. Stuart doesn’t forget when you insult him. So we may see Brice try and get denied. Then goes off to comic strip history.

      • I don’t think Norm would spend the time creating this storyline if he didn’t plan on having Brice stick around. Josh and Arthur were written out after they had become one-note or stale as characters. This story (and the one with Marla and Crystal) is doing the opposite–it’s developing the characters Norm already has.

    • I think we’ll be seeing a lot more Delman’s strips over the next year. I think norm has stories to tell about really evil managers – stories that just can’t be told at Grumble’s under Marla without making her turn evil. So, Delman’s becomes an alternate universe to tell those stories.

  6. The second panel is the key to me, here. Nothing she says there is likely to make Brice a better employee(BC it’s so obviously bull, and kind of terrible even if it is true). So why lie? Mina’s one of those people where if you ask her what time it is, she’d lie just for the practice. That’s what’s going on, and it’s scary to contemplate existing in that environment.

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