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  1. Sadly, I’m probably half his age and currently have the same look on my face, got no clue what half of those are……

    • 712 and 810 probably refer to model/make/style numbers. Classic fit and skinny fit refers to the leg style with classic being a straight leg (as opposed to flair, bell bottom, or tight) and skinny being… well skinny jeans. Button fly versus zipper fly should be rather self explanatory. Lastly originals versus boot cut explains how the end is tailored; originals would be worn best with tennis shoes, loafers, or anything without an extra heel. Boot cut is best with boots or heels because it is SLIGHTLY longer and when worn with something like tennis shoes you’re likely to tread on the cuff of the pants. Honestly, the 712s that Amber suggested are probably what he wants unless he wants those but with a zipper fly instead of button.

      • I don’t know, he looks like a relaxed fit kind of guy to me, regardless of what he asked for. But it’s always nice to have an explanation by an expert.

  2. “Young Lady I don’t understand your new hippity hop words you kids throw around these days. I want a basic normal pair of Jeans can you help me?”

    • “Besides, I don’t wear new jeans when I cut hipsters, do you know how hard it is to get bloodstains out of denim.”

        • Neither of those are silly requests. Nobody used to sell venti mocha frappes or whatever, they just had that store’s means of making coffee – and if you wanted it another way, you went somewhere else. Starbucks et al decided to cater to everyone, and made it more complicated in the process – this does not invalidate someone who just wants an ordinary flippin’ beverage.
          Cars are a bigger decision, but even so people are allowed to have ordinary expectations.

  3. I speak jean allow me to translate:

    The first pair are a set of jeans that have a loose pant leg ( not as loose as relaxed fit) that go up to a mid rise and have buttons that open and close the zipper section.
    The second pair are a tighter fitting piece particularly in the buttock and leg region with a tooth zipper on the fly for easy opening and closing.

    I’ll go sit in the corner now.

    • I should also note that the boot cut flares out a bit at the bottom to allow for room of a working boot but not as much as a the 70’s bell bottom pants do.

      • “Thank you for explaining it for me I have a much better idea on what kind of Jeans I am going to buy, is there some kind of card I can fill out or someone I can tell how great your help has been?” -Fantasy Customer

        • Here is the card, you can fill it out and feel good, but my manager will look at it for 2 seconds, see if I messed up anywhere, and then throw it in the trash disgusted.

          Unless it says I messed up so he can deny me a raise again, he doesn’t care.

          • So true! I remember once in this strip when Stuart was still manager he told Val a customer had praised her for helping them but unfortunately they had described her as not having her name tag on. Of course he had to zero in on that and write her up for it instead of praising her for having gotten a good report from a customer.

  4. I am that customer. When I went shopping for jeans, it was “regular” and “slim.” That’s all. And for what it’s worth, certain ideas die hard. That’s all I would want, even today.

  5. We’ve given in. Before going jean shopping we pull up the store’s website to read the descriptions of the different jean styles, so we know which one we’re looking for. But I’m totally on the side of the old, confused guy.

  6. So… Product Number, common name, closure type (buttons or zipper), features of jeans.

    Why the heck do I know this? I work in Hospitality, not Retail?

  7. I had a similar problem some years back when a store was trying to become more current. I wanted to know where men’s pants were, and they wanted to direct me in different directions to a multitude of brand areas.
    “You want Tommy Dumbfinger, Polo Snort, or Rolf Loren?” “No — I just want men’s pants!”

  8. Funny, I just listened to a TED talk about misconceptions. One of the misconceptions was “more choice is always better”. The talker used this exact scenario to argue that more choice is not necessarily better.

  9. Clothes shopping is certainly a challenge. But I would like to know why Amber doesn’t take him to the correct place and help him get the right ones.

    • Mary,
      Because she’s stuck where she is?
      There are some stores where if you leave your designated area you can be fired.
      One of many reasons Walmart sales staff are so unhelpful

  10. Don’t you just hate feature-speak as designed by the manufacturers? It’s designed, like political speech as explained by George Orwell, to obfuscate the features that will matter most to prospective customers.

  11. I remember going into a store that sells mostly jeans a few years ago to replace some jeans that had big holes and were worn on the bottom. After looking around for a bit and coming up empty, I asked the associate if they had any jeans that weren’t pre-torn. We found some, but there was very little selection, I think only one or two styles out of the more than ten they carry.

    The associate also sort of went, “Huh”, as in, that’s a tall order. I had to specify that we’re replacing jeans that were torn through wear, and why would I want to buy pants that were pre-damaged? She was very helpful, but it was one of the first times I’d felt that I didn’t get kids these days. I was 19.

    • I understand ripped and worn jeans can be comfortable, but from personal experience, I think that only really applies to pants you’ve worn out yourself. My kinda-trashed cargo pants are very comfortable, but I wore them out myself.

      • I’ve never had the impression it was about comfort. Maybe it was, back in the day. But I don’t consider jeans ripped at the knees comfortable. But that isn’t how mine rip, anyway.

        At this point, it seems to be about status/fashion. Two things that have never mattered to me. Well, perhaps when I was eight. I agree about wearing them out yourself.

  12. Wait ’til he gets to t-shirts. “Long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless? Crew neck or v-neck? Cotton or cotton/poly blend? Casual wear or athletic? Moisture-wicking exercise wear? Plain white, colors, prints? Hip length or extra long? Small, medium, large, plus-size…” Oh, wait, we call that “king size” in men’s clothes.

    Couldn’t help but giggle, though. Women have been dealing with this in all of our clothes for years!

  13. That is pretty much me when i go clothes shopping. Makes me all the more grateful that the store i use are amazingly helpful. I can pretty much go in and say “Im here. Put clothes on me.” and leave with clothes that fit me and i like.

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