19 thoughts on “June 6, 2017

  1. For someone who seems to be a seasoned veteran of retail, Mina sure is pretty dumb in this situation. Ever retail store is gonna have its rumors and gossip. (Especially about managers with attitude problems. My current manager is an example of this. Granted she does act a lot like Mina at times) If you think no one is talking about you behind your back, then you are dead wrong.

  2. ♫ Honesty
    Is such a lonely word
    Everyone is so untrue
    Is hardly ever heard
    And mostly what I need from you ♫

    Oh, wait… Diogenes stopped looking in the business world after his first day out.

    • Keep in mind he’s “not here to be anyone’s friend” and considers Marla’s practice of loyalty to the employees a “communist paradise.”

      The choice he makes here will determine if Marla has taught him anything.

  3. Maybe Mina will tell Chloe that Brice is gossiping about her, to encourage Chloe to tattle on Brice.

    • See, I think that could be interesting. This is like Brice’s A Christmas Carol; he’s seeing the Ghosts Of Managers Yet To Come, and he can throw himself on Marla’s mercy, having learned his lessons and promising to be as good a man as good ol’ Grumbels ever had. Character growth is fun.

  4. An effective evil manager plays everyone off each other.
    By keeping them off-balance & at each other’s throats, the manager maintains control amid the chaos.
    When one person realizes what’s going on & is able to convince the others, THAT’S when the game is up.

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