33 thoughts on “June 7, 2016

  1. I have been told countless times that our floor tiles are uneven. I guarantee you they are flatter than everything else the person walked through all day including their own house!

  2. If she insisted on a replacement drink, I’d give her a half-empty one some other customer left behind. Solve two problems at once!

  3. “I wear my sunglasses inside,
    So I can, so I can,
    Spill my slushy on the shirt display…”

    [ Apologies to Corey Hart ]

  4. You want fairness, Chickie? You buy *all* of the merchandise you damaged and then I will personally buy you a new, small, slush that you can eat IN THE PARKING LOT OR FOOD COURT.

    Heh, the stupid page script just told me that I am posting comments too quickly and should slow down. Uh, I type at maybe 20 wmp.

  5. Damaged let’s say ten shirts at $30 a piece that’s $300 and we’ll give you $1 for your slushie, so you owe us $299 plus tax. You can pay at this register right here. Have a nice day.

  6. I’m envisioning a call to corporate to complain about how unfair this is. Corporate will want Marla to give her $5 or $10 off her next purchase.

    • Sweet mother of Mogg, no. This could not happen in real life. No corporation could be so obtuse as to reward a customer for damaging merchandise.

      *He said, weeping, knowing full well that it has probably already happened*

        • I was floored the day I came in to a note from our front end manager saying she ‘customer sanctification’ 15 reusable shopping bags because the customer was upset over the loss of her bags that she left the previous month.
          There was NO PROOF – just the customer’s word.

  7. I’d like to see what kind of shoes she’s wearing. No doubt it’s some kind of high heel and she blames the floor tiles? What happened to the days of “you break it, you bought it” I used to see in a store?

      • Although my time working at a mall near the US/Canada border was over nearly twenty years ago, I still remain boggled by how often I had variations on the same conversation while I was there. I’d approach a customer who hadn’t noticed the foot-high “Please No Food or Drink” signs that flanked our entrance, politely ask them to take their drink out of the store, and they’d reply, “Oh, well I’m Canadian…”
        [What, liquids don’t spill in Canada?]

        Although this response always seemed like a non sequitur to me, I have no doubt people on the other side of the border got similar responses in situations like that.

        • Unless the signs are in both English and French, Canadians don’t see them! 🙂

          (Before anyone gets upset, I’m kidding. I’m also Canadian.)

        • I’ve lived in Canada for almost 8 years and I suspect that gravity works the same here as in the states. So yes, drinks do spill.

  8. “Oh i’ll be glad to buy you a small slushy… heck i’ll even spring for a large… just as soon as you buy all these shirts you ruined.”

  9. I have encountered customers like this in my years in retail and they seriously think they have done nothing wrong and expect to be compensated, it seemed to get worse the past few years, so many feel entitled

  10. I owned a boutique and had a no food or drink sign on the front door. Many people refused to leave their drinks at the counter when asked nd several stormed out offended when I asked them to please finish their (and their messy toddler’s) ice cream outside. I was not even in a mall. I am surprised at how people think eating and drinking while browsing in a store is their right, I blame Wally with fast food kiosks inside and book stores with coffee shops.

    • And don’t forget Bull’s-eye with their snack bar and coffee shops…
      If you can’t be careful with your drink, then stay and drink it where you got it. Many places have tables for crying out loud! And never never NEVER walk around with food.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen it enforced, at least in larger retailers. Surely some mom ‘n’ pop shop has made someone buy something they’ve damaged but I wonder if it was ever actually a thing.

  11. Cooper, “That’s your cue to leave.” Cooper is thinking “Now that is one mess I don’t want to clean up for sure”

    • As opposed to what?

      A slushy soaks all the way down thru the stack, ruining everything. Even a greasy hot dog, with mustard, would only stain the top most items.

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