21 thoughts on “June 7, 2017

  1. Some people just never leave high school. Sure they graduate, but they take the cafeteria clique mentality with them for the rest of their lives.

    Remember, if one person is a problem, they’re the problem. If everyone is a problem, you’re the problem.

  2. Aside from Story Line, I’m curious to see what blackmail/leverage Mina has over these people to keep them around and putting up with her. Of course, it could also lead to an epic rescue of Retail employees akin to the scene in Captain America and Brice’s redemption.

    • Probably too beat down to look for another job. Hunting for a new job takes work on whatever time you have left. And, you’d have to believe the grass is greener somewhere else.

        • Plus depending on the job market in the area, there may not BE other opportunities, at least not ones that make the same or better pay. If the crappy place is also the best-paying one, you have to decide which problem you’d rather have: a bad workplace or a smaller paycheck.

    • If Brice is redeemable, he still won’t be returning to Grumbel’s and I doubt he’ll last long at Delman’s either.

      I am curious to see what happens to Mina. I’d love to see her get her comeuppance.

    • It would be cool if Brice stages a revolution and took the manager position from Mina, becoming a redeemed man in the process.

  3. ‘…nothing better to do than spread stories and cause trouble. So unprofessional.’

    You flat-out lied to Chloe, Mina. Lying is unprofessional, because it leads to the sort resentment you’re seeing now. Did you really think Chloe would just shrug her shoulders and say ‘oh, well…’?

    You also lied to Brice. And now he knows what a harpy you really are. That’s not something you want to demonstrate to your second-in-command on his first day. He might have burned his bridges, but that just means the only direction he can move now is forward.

    • Obviously a student of Richard Nixon:

      “If the president does it, it’s not a crime.”

      Morality is for losers. It’s why she never touches the stuff.

  4. Does any body feel that Brice is getting an education here? Of course, the question is will he learn the right lesson?

  5. Why shouldn’t she be mad about being passed over when you PROMISED it to her? How is she being unprofessional? Working for Mina must be hell on earth. Poor Brice, and it’s only his first day. Seems like this particular day is lasting for 3 weeks, 1 week with Mina and Brice, 1 week with Marla and Crystal and now another week with Mina and Brice.

    • Cartoon time–each day lasts as long as the author wants it to. BTW, is this the longest story arc Norm has done? Not that I’m complaining by any means, just wondering.

      • Oh no complaints here! I remember on one of my favourite shows one full day lasted about 50 episodes going from early morning going into the wee hours of the next day before the characters actually went to bed! So much happened in that one day!

  6. I’m still wondering if Brice will find out that he could have been store manager at a different Grumbel’s. Seems like he should towards the end of this arc.

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