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  1. Because it’s right there, cold and convenient. If Donnie was really that concerned about the price, he’d buy his own 2-liter, put it in the break room fridge, and bring his own cup.

    This is, admittedly, one of my pet peeves; that is, people loudly complaining about prices and then paying them anyway. I can’t help but think that, if you’re willing to pay the “highway robbery” price, then the item in question must still be worth it to you.

    It’s like complaining that the something is undercooked and then eating the whole thing. If you don’t plan on acting on your complaint, then it’s just pointless griping and a waste of fresh air.

    • And hopefully there wouldn’t be a lunch thief. I think I remember Cooper getting in trouble for ‘borrowing’ a pregnant Marla’s burrito. XD

      • I’ll never forget my husband starting a new job and I prepared a great meal for him to take but when he went to get it, though the bag had his name on it, it was gone. We not only lost the food but the dish I’d put it in and a fork (silverware, not plastic). And he had to go hungry til he came home. There’s no way to guard any food left in the cooler that was specifically set up for the employees’ lunches. I have still not forgiven that thief.

          • the digger,
            Are you saying that if Cat Lover doesn’t forgive the thief who stole her plate, she’s going to piss off God and burn in Hell forever and forever and forever.
            Gee, I had no idea that God was a bigger version of Stuart

          • I didn’t ask for a sermon, if I want a sermon I’ll go to church, TYVM! I’m well aware of that parable and well aware that my sins against God are worse than that thief’s stealing my husband’s lunch and my dishes. But the Bible also speaks of reaping what you sow, and that thief more than likely had something equally bad or worse happen to him at some point. I’ll take my comfort from that.

          • Two things for future reference, thedigger.

            1 Don’t spring sermons on people like that. It’s rude.

            2 Don’t tell people that they’re obligated to forgive. That’s not your right. Forgiveness is a free choice or it’s not forgiveness.

          • Christians such as thedigger here think it is their holy duty to try to save as many people as possible. They think of it as a good deed they are doing. And just that everyone except them is automatically a heathen who needs saving, not knowing if the person they are preaching to sits next to them in church, sits in a mosque across town from them, or sits in a LGBT support group helping teens who had to get away from their God-Loving, LGBT hating families. Sorry thedigger – but the one doing God’s work….isn’t you. It’s Love Thy Neighbor, not Preach to Thy Neighbor, you know.

  2. I will admit my work has been pretty good about this. For a can of soda it is only .50 and a cup of noodles in the vending machine it is only .25. But I have seen vending machines charge up to $5 for a soda. (granted that was at an amusement park)

    • The dealership we bought our last 3 vehicles from is like that too, they’ve been selling their 20oz bottles for $1.25 for at least the last decade, the Dunkin by the last store I worked for sold them for almost $2.00, then if you were to buy them in Chicago at the McCormack Place (convention hall), it would cost you $2.50 a bottle?!

  3. Convenience charge
    You want it now , you want it cold and you want it in a manageable quantity with no hassle so you pay.

    Same goes for buying lunches at the company restaurant versus bringing your own.

  4. This is not just about the convenience of a break room vending machine.

    Here, half a liter of coca cola costs 69c.
    1l is 99c

    1.5l are 1.19

    As you can see, the more you buy the less valuable the coke becomes.

    So people end up buying the biggest bottles, generating the most revenue and more profit (since the profit margin on that stuff is absurd), and end up drinking way too much of that stuff. I’m guilty of that myself, I should really try for a while to only drink water and one small bottle. That would actually be cheaper. But I buy the big bottles, and then I hardly need any water along with it because I’m not thirsty.

  5. Last job I worked I didn’t bring lunch, didn’t use the vending machine didn’t go out for lunch. I kept a box of breakfast bars in my locked car. I can’t eat lunch. I eat an actual meal, the need to sleep is utterly overwhelming
    Had to quit that job. It was temp. Extra money. Warehouse job. They had me in the back throwing around boxes that weighed between 30 and 40 pounds. I lasted six days. At the end of day six I could barely stand. Felt sick and dizzy, went home, went straight to bed and stayed there for the next four days. It took me a week to recover. I went to see my doctor because I was having a lot of the symptoms of an impending heart attack. Turns out it was just exhaustion. I’m fine. The medical bills, however, ate up half of what I had earned.
    There are worse jobs than retail.

  6. Because by the time you grab your wallet, head out of the store and down the mall, buy a 2-liter at the grocery store, and come back to the break room, your break is over. The more expensive option is right in front of you.
    Or you could bring a bottle and fill it from the water fountain. Saving even more money. Just saying.

  7. That was the only good thing about working at Wal Mart. We had a $.40 soda machine in the break room. For some of the sodas, that was actually cheaper than a 12 pack (Diet Coke prices are absurd here for some reason).

  8. They had the $1.50 sodas in the break room at one of my past retail jobs. No one ever bought any, because you could buy a refillable fountain soda right outside at the store concessions stand $1.20 AND get your discount.

    Really amused me.

  9. My store has vending machines in the break room, which has never made any sense to me. I work for the red bullseye and we sell all the same stuff on the sales floor for cheaper and you can use your discount and redcard on it to save even more money. So who’s buying them from the vending machine??? O_o. But apparently people do. I never go in the break room though. I have a mini fridge and microwave in my office and eat at my desk so I don’t have to talk to people.

    • Speaking as afellow redshirt, I work overnight. We have one register open during lunch for 30 minutes. None of the other options are available for us through the night. Therefore either bring your own or pay extra.

      I also agree with the previous comments about paying for convenience. It’s the concept that keeps big business running. I see it as a lawful neutral concept.

  10. I remember when I was in junior high one of my teachers did a survey of our class and asked us what the most we would be willing to pay for a bottle of soda from a machine. Would we pay 5 cents, 8 cents, 10 cents, 12 cents, 15 cents or price wouldn’t matter (yes this was a few years ago lol). About half the class voted for price wouldn’t matter.

  11. I brown bag my lunch everyday. We had a vending machine that charged $1.50 for a 20 ounce soda. I go to the supermarket and by the 6 pack soda when they go on sale 4/$10 or better yet 5/$10. Pay $1.50 from the machine or pay 33 cents each from the 6 pack from the grocery store.

  12. What I love about America, who has not come into the 21st century and metric is that little bottles are ounces and bigger are metric. Dollar Tree has 3 liter pop (sugar water and flavor) for a buck. IN NYC you can’t get a big drink in take out but its ok to have a 3 liter in your hand

    • Lawyers and insurance companies. That’s where you should direct the blame for stupid laws. In most states driving your car gets you a ticket and a fine, but you’re free to ride a motorcycle or go skydiving. You can buy a car, or a house, you can get married, hold a job, and even enlist in the armed forces and get your butt shot off in some foreign land at age 18, but you can’t legally drink a beer.

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