14 thoughts on “June 9, 2016

  1. “Good” as in “Valid, legal to use”?
    “Good” as in “With enough value to bother with using”?

  2. I’m thankfully that my store has only one coupon that can be used and does not change. Takes the hassle out of dealing with extreme couponers .

  3. I get the joke, but Cooper’s question was quite valid, and she completely failed to answer it. I’ve yet to see a coupon that wouldn’t be considered good by someone. If I travelled a lot, maybe the coupons for disposable baby wipes would be useful to me. Heck, if they were sent to me at a better time they’d probably be useful. The only reason I consider them worthless is that they send them to me 3 months after I buy them last.

    Same for the craft store – I consider the wedding and scrapbooking coupons junk, but someone’s considering them good.

    • she got her answer. Maybe there really are only bad coupons in it, like buy 4 get a fifth or 20% off of something you can buy at delmans for half the price.

  4. Good is subjective. Some people expect to get a coupon that’s 40% off their entire purchase and can be used multiple times indefinitely. Others are happy to get a discount on something they actually use.

  5. A good coupon is a coupon for something I need or want. That varies from person to person. A coupon for 40% off diapers will do me no good since I don’t have a baby. A coupon for 40% off yarn will do me a lot of good since I crochet. It depends on what the person needs or wants to buy. And of course the percentage off is important. If it’s for only 10% off that’s not so great but 50% off is wonderful.

    • Of course, speaking from experience, a coupon for 40% off yarn that isn’t on sale, when the store puts 90% of the yarn on sale (for 50 cents off), is a complete dud. Maybe Cooper knows that their coupons are all of that kind.

    • 50% off a jacked-up price isn’t as good as 10% off a normal retail price.

      I usually buy store brand or generic versions, paying less than I could get for the name brand with any coupon out there. With some exceptions for those odd products where the name brand actually is better than store brands, but oddly enough, there usually aren’t all that many coupons available for the products where it actually makes a difference.

  6. Good as in they will save you some amount of money, however minuscule…yes. Good as in we give away the store for free, no.

    • I hadn’t noticed that. Perhaps it’s so that the author will be saved the inevitable “Of course it’s the [black/asian/other] person who asked that” Your racist bias is showing!!!!111!1!!!!1111!!!!”

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