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  1. *shudders* People are nasty. I remember catching two teenagers doin’ the nasty in the family bathroom and I had to just sit outside the door and wait for them to finish. Still haunts me to this day.

  2. Gross. Despite the fact that I’ve never seen such grossness in person. I’ll believe it. Are they that lazy that they can’t find a bathroom in another store? or a public one ? Or even go up three flights either escalator or elevator to the bathroom? .

    • I have seen feces smeared all over bathroom stalls at a popular retail chain. Most people would shudder at some of the stories that the maintenance associates told me.

        • I worked in a restaurant when I was 20 going on 21 and would trade days to get out of cleaning the women’s restrooms. There was blood, used tampons on the floor, urine everywhere but the toilet. How do women miss?????

          • We’re convinced we’re going to get a disease from the back of our legs being in brief contact with the seat so we hover. We dont wash our hands, however, because THAT would actually make sense for disease prevention.

          • Generally, when that happens, I get the feeling they were pissed by the service they got and were feeling petty. We share our building with another restaurant and they clean the Men’s room; but because we’re 24 hours and they’re not, we’ve got to clean the Men’s room when they’re closed (and frankly…95% of the time, we end up cleaning it all day because they bitch and moan we didn’t clean it over night, even though I personally check it when my shift starts at 6AM and have SHOWN them pictures on my phone of a clean washroom, taken hourly…so if anythings dirty after 10 when they open it’s their job…but they complain to my manager, and I somehow end up having to do their job, but I digress)….men do the same thing and smear crap all over the place (again…I bet they were annoyed by what the feel was “poor service” at a fastfood joint and felt the best way to vent was, rather than complain, to smear their shit all over the place).

    • PS. Also heard of people dropping a deuce by the stores front door. Heard of all sorts of messes in the dressing room as well.

      • My first night working for a Texaco, checked the bathroom to find a scatological land mine in the center of the bathroom floor.

        People have a sick sense of humor.

      • One day I had to flag down a member of the janitorial staff to tell her there was a large turd under a table in the food court. Yes, some people are that disgusting.

    • The short answer: Yes. Yes, they are. Decades ago I worked for Kmart, prior to their late-1980s efforts at ‘upscale’ merchandising. A lot of folks at Kmart start out as a stock boy, which is corporate-speak for ‘general flunkie’ – meaning, doer of menial tasks, fetcher of carts, builder of endcap displays, mover of heavy objects, unloader of trucks, and (most relevant) wielder of mops, brooms, and plungers. I can tell you first hand that some people are really that nasty.

  3. I’m going to be optimistic and say that he was trying to find a place to take something out of the box or security device.

  4. When I was performing maintenance duties back in the mid 90s, I always found that the women’s washrooms were worse than the men’s. My wife agrees. However, I never had to clean up fecal matter off the walls in the women’s washroom like I did in the men’s.
    And found torn packaging in any restroom.

    • My maintenance friend back at “The Mart” said that they were called for an emergency cleaning on a bathroom. When they got in there and opened the offending stall, he said there was feces on the floor, on the walls, and as a bonus, on the ceiling. All of it was smeared by human hands of course.

      Apparently they were so mad all they could do was laugh. Yes, retail will drive you insane.

  5. There was a time, due to a family emergency, that I didn’t have clothing to go to work so I went to a 24-hour retail store in the morning and bought clothes there. I then went and changed in the fitting room. I made sure to tell the fitting room attendant exactly what was going on before and after the purchase, and she was cool with it.

    • We were heading to a social function recently when my wife’s top got hooked and tore.

      We raced into a nearby department store grabbed a top and she wore it through checkout where a mildly amused checkout supervisor scanned the label & told us it happens more often than we’d imagine.

      • I frequently got to scan shoes that were on children’s feet when I cashiered. So long as it’s accounted for, I didn’t mind. I didn’t even really mind scanning candy wrappers and empty soda bottles before throwing them away. At least those people were paying for it. It was the wrappers and bottles we found tucked behind merchandise that was frustrating, because THOSE people were straight-up stealing (never intended to pay). Same with the people who would hand me an apple core or banana peel or empty grapes bag and expect to get rung up for it, and get all huffy when I pointed out it was weighed produce and I would need the physical food there to ring up properly, because I had to WEIGH it. I always had to either grab a substitute from the produce department or just press down on the scale with my hand and guess.

  6. The fact that he first asked for a bathroom, THEN asked for a dressing room tells you what he planned to do there! So DISGUSTING! I remember when Cooper was called on to clean up those kinds of messes, then delegated them to Donnie. They couldn’t pay me enough to do that, and to think minimum wage people have no choice. :’-(

  7. This is one of the reasons we stopped having display models for children’s play houses. Knowing it was most likely a child being potty trained makes it slightly easier on the mind.

  8. I would love to relieve myself in this guy’s closet and see how he likes cleaning it up. But I’m not immature enough to do that, even if he deserves it, so I’ll just take some of that fake doggy doo from Nyuk-Nyuk’s Novelty Shop and…

    • I was actually thinking about doing that as a joke when someone upthread mentioned someone taking a dump in a display toilet. I could see myself being the jokester using the novelty dog poop in the window display.

  9. After our store’s last remodel the restrooms have self-flushing toilets, sensor sink faucets, air-dryers yet customers STILL leave toilet paper all over the seats & floors.
    And this is in an ‘upper-class’ neighborhood.

    • It’s probably because they’re using the toilet paper as a seat cover to avoid putting bare skin on a public toilet seat. I’ve found many people who do this don’t bother to try to flush the paper afterward, they just leave it (and thus some falls to the floor).

  10. Man: Sir other people need to use that dressing room.
    Homer Simpson:(sitting with pants around his ankles) Dressing room? Uh oh.

  11. We’ve had unspeakable things happen in our dressing rooms. Including a recurring person that sticks their used feminine products on the walls. Comes in every once in awhile. Still haven’t caught them. At least the crazies leave us with good stories.

  12. A store with at least 3 levels should have washrooms on each level. The retail store I worked for had 4 levels with washrooms on only 2 levels. So if one had to use a loo & was on the 2nd floor, would have to wait for an elevator to go up (or down) 1 level. No option of stairs.
    What were the planners thinking; that we employees & shoppers would wear diapers? And of course, having them cleaned more than twice daily was “too costly”. I’d use the loo in the Mall and advise shoppers to do likewise.

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