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  1. Tonight on Swamp Pawnbrokers, we look at some stuff, call my buddy who’s an expert in that stuff, haggle about the price, seemingly come to an impasse, cut to commercial, rehash the last 5 minutes of haggling, then agree on a price, and do it all again.

    Coming up next it’s Yellin’ Guys Garage. *incomprehensible yelling* *SMASH* [3 second cut of someone welding] “What the [bleep]?!” [5 second cut of a 1969 Firebird doing a burnout] “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


      “Yeah you know we heard somethings. Saw some things on camera but we just didn’t get that ghost this time. Well see you in a few months for the debut on season 36 of Ghost Gnabbers.”

      • Don’t forget “Look at all the orbs in this photo! Clear ghost evidence! No, I don’t think it’s just dust or spots on the camera lens, don’t be silly.”

        • Next week on dolphin battles, I am going to endanger my entire crew by ramming my tiny boat into their much bigger boat to save to Dolphins.

      • You forgot to declare that the house was haunted even though all you had was a garbled sound on one recorder. There should be three recorders used in each location to verify the sound.

  2. My cable provider provides me with something like 300 different channels. Two hundred ninety of these are sports, Come to Jesus, reruns of shows I watched back in the ’50s (and still remember oh gawd), fake news, fake documentaries, realty tv (naked people, crazy people, weird people, and really really really fat people), music stations (mostly country and/or Jesus and/or bad rock, oh gack), and three AM shopping networks.
    I guess somebody must be watching all that crap. Which would explain a whole lot of things

    • It explains the desperation of the cable services to throw anything – anything at all – into the fray. Television as we knew it in the past is mostly gone, replaced today by Short Attention Span Theater. Today, it’s mostly to distract us and keep us misinformed.

      Oh, yeah… and to get us to spend more money we don’t have on things we don’t need.

    • I do not regret cancelling cable for a minute.
      Heck when it comes to TV I mainly watch over the air channels like METV and Heroes and Icons both channels show older shows from the 50’s-90’s.

    • In reality, most of the cost is everyone having to pay for the exorbitantly expensive sports channels. It upsets me, since I hate sports as a spectator thing. (I support people playing sports for health and development, just not the couch potatoes watching)

  3. Yep, it’s pretty pathetic what some of these networks turn into. They start out with some great stuff which adheres to what the network has named itself. Then, they start to migrate to ridiculous shows (a lot of times idiotic reality shows). I rarely, if ever now, watch the “History Channel” because of it.

      • Not for at least a decade. And as far as I’m concerned, it hasn’t had anything to do with REAL music since the late 1980s. But then, I’m old, so my comments should be taken with a grain of salt….grin

        • I agree with Mark, and I’m not the only one:

          Since Bruce Springsteen, Madonna
          Way before Nirvana
          There was U2 and Blondie
          And music still on M-T-V
          Her two kids in high school
          They tell her that she’s uncool
          ‘Cause she’s still preoccupied
          With 19, 19, 1985
          –Bowling For Soup

    • Yes and I’ll add A&E, The Discovery Channel, USA and SyFy to the list. Still some good shows, at least up to the time I gave up on cable a couple of years ago, but not nearly enough to be worth the monthly bill. Zero interest in sports just made it worse.

      OTA is good enough and all it cost was the one-time purchase of an antenna. Still a lot of times with nothing worth bothering witn on, but at least I’m not paying for that privilege.

  4. One “real” show gives the day to day routine of people in the “home made liquor business”. If this show is so real and the rum runners are being filmed, why isn’t a copy of every episode the property of the U.S. DEA? lol

    • My point exactly. Virtually everything you see on television today is fiction or heavily biased. Television has almost nothing in common with reality anymore.

      • I…think that was the point? Sit coms and dramas were never supposed to be reality. It wasn’t until so-called reality TV came in that people started thinking everything on TV was “real and the people who appeared in them were somehow important.

        And look where we are now…

  5. Thats why we have an outdoor antenna, and watch 99% PBS public TV, and just maybe a national channel if it has a informative real program worth recording to watch later.

  6. Hulu is your friend. On demand, accessed from any device with internet, cheaper than any cable, and thousands of choices

    • Unless you live in Canada. They’ve been promising me for 8 years to make it available here but they still haven’t.

      • That’s due in part to the fact that Bell and Rogers want their cut. And the CRTC being the CRTC. And those who trumpet the “greatness of Can-Con” believing that Hulu is the first step to us being annexed by the US (I shit you not, I have actually heard that argument used….I also heard it used when the Buffalo Bills had that “Bills in TO” Deal to play at the Skydome, because apparently letting them play here once a year would ruin the CFL, and THAT would cause Canada to collapse and be annexed by the US…never happened).

        • Of course it’d never happen. The politicians would have to go up there to campaign, and they’d die from the cold.


          …can we please annex you? Just for a couple years maybe?

          • Yeah no. I don’t love them and I wish they’d go away. They’re a drain on the economy. We’ve got better things to do around here and better places to put our money.

  7. NASATV Is at last check* the only network that is still exactly what it intended to be. a Channel of and by NASA about NASA’s Programs….

    *Caveat being I haven’t watched in about 3 years when it got pulled from Directtv, which is what my work place offers in the break room, now I often change FALSEtv to C-SPAN or some other boring channel if I don’t outright shut it off…. of course our insecurity guard who keeps our break room safe likes garbage in his mind and puts the dumbest stuff possible on. Needless to say, 95% of my breaks are not taken in there.

    • NASA is still on DirecTV channel 352 it moved there a few years ago when DirecTV shuffled channels around. Also NASA offers their channel for streaming free online as well.

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