33 thoughts on “March 11, 2017

  1. Sadly that amounts to about 80% of the comments in most comment sections I’ve seen (and many are even worse), but I really doubt that represents the majority of people – I like to think the crazies are just way more outspoken. This comment section is one of the few exceptions – I find the vast majority are actually intelligent and respectful, a real pleasure to read!

    • My Dad is old enough to have used CB Radios in their and his prime and I don’t remember how many times over the last few years that he has said that it’s like the internet has given the crazies that would rant on their CB’s back in the day a whole, new, and now international forum for them to spread their thoughts. Just yesterday there was a tragic loss of lives in the well off suburban Chicago town I worked in for nearly 20 years, yet some yahoos were making comments trying to tie it into the problems Chicago itself is having……even though the town isn’t all that close to the City and the trigger knows no barriers what so ever.

    • Yep, the “extremes” from both sides (sometimes 3 or more sides 😉 gravitate to the “comment sections’. Being somewhere in between will get hit you hit from both sides. I speak from experience.

      • Indeed. I have a very limited list of comment sections I will venture near, this being one of them. A few others are because they’re moderated, so even if there were frothing idiots trying to spam them with vitriol, it wouldn’t get past the mods.

    • I was hoping that Norm would make an appearance. He has occasionally appeared in the past, but it’s been a long time. He’s kicked out a few nasty people in the past and my impression is that he’s pretty happy with his followers here. So, I don’t think he had this group in mind when he wrote this strip.

  2. EASY on the fourth wall, Amber…between you and Deadpool, I’m amazed you haven’t spilled out of my laptop or started talking directly to me…

  3. I could deal with the comments section – of anything – if people used a whole lot less profanity. Why must everything contain the F word multiple times? Present company excepted (Retail) There are lots of great comments here, people’s own experiences in retail that are fun to read.

    • I’m tired of the diametrically opposed politcal views of the “I’m right – you’re wrong” variety without any real discussion of the point in question and the fake facts (from both sides of the aisle). Worse, when the subject has virtually nothing to do with political issues.

      Some sites still have more generally polite and reasoned comments sections, like this one, but too few are seemingly moderated at all or have any real guidelines for proper discourse.

    • They can be nasty, but that’s nothing compared to news sites that don’t have strong moderators. They’re downright toxic.

      • Ugh, yes. Or even any pseudo-news sites. If there’s the remote chance of a controversial topic showing up in an article, the comments will be flooded with people who just *have* to express their deplorable and frequently foul-mouthed opinions and attack anyone who disagrees with them.

    • It depends on the videos. Most of the stuff I look at on Youtube has a fairly decent comment section, with some being self-moderated by users who will think though their comments, and even delete if it was in fact mean-spirited. Of course I watch a lot of science and religious videos, more than gaming or makeup, so ymmv. (Though I do watch a few gaming channels and that comment section, I tend to avoid, other than to occasionally blind post something nice.)

    • @Johnny

      Yeah it did me too. Though on the Ironic side working at an office store instead of a mega retail store has restored a little bit of it to me since it is mostly small businesses owners who shop there. I think today I got at least 15 business cards from people asking to come to their business for stuff.

  4. The most ironic comments sections are those for things like Humans of New York, things that try to get people to empathize with others. Read one of the tragic stories, and then skip to the comments. If people aren’t blaming the person in the picture for their own tragedy, then they’re turning the story into a soapbox for their own views. It’s sickening.

  5. The comment section of my favorite blog is as good as the blog itself, and often better. There are some posts I click purely for the comments.

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