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  1. This happens to my husband all the time. Problem is all the debit machines are different. If they made them all the same he wouldn’t have any problem with it.

      • Companies also want you to use debit because the fees are lower for debit card transactions. If you run a debit card as ‘credit’ it costs the retailer more. So, they try to trick you in to thinking you have to enter your pin and they try to ‘hide’ the way that runs it as credit.

        You can’t blame them, it is pure cost or profit for absolutely nothing else but you running it a certain way.

        • It’s not like it costs the customer anything. I actually prefer paying debit anyway. I hate getting a creditcard bill at the end of the month.

          • I don’t even know what running a debit card as credit means. In Canada we have debit cards for debit transactions and if you want to pay with credit you get out your credit card. They are tow different cards.

        • The bank which issued my first debit card gave me points for every transaction I ran as “CREDIT” instead. I’d trade in the points for gift cards at the end of the year. Probably got about $350 over seven years. Not bad for doing nothing special.

          • Your bank did that because they were the ones collecting the fees “heybro” mentioned above. So they gave you a small fraction of their profit to get you into the habit.

            Kind of like pushers.

    • Supermarket near where I lived. Only the problem wasn’t getting the card into the slot, it was the buttons for pin. You’d press a button once and it would register two or three times.

  2. Nice to see one every now and then that doesn’t involve the s—ier aspects of retail life. Just a common situation and a good line or two.

  3. I thought the law in the USA was that everyone was supposed to be on the chip system by the end of 2017. Here it is March 2018 and there are still places that don’t have the chip such as the brand new Aldi that opened in my town in October 2017,

    • The law says they have to have card readers with the clip reader slot not that the POS systems have to set up to work with it.

    • The law says they don’t have to have a chip reader. However, if they don’t, then the store is liable for fraudulent purchases. Previously, the card issuer was liable. So the incentive is on the store to get a chip reader system.

        • And all that is why I bought Square’s chip reader instead of staying with the free mag strip reader like many of my fellow crafters have.

      • Some of the machines here don’t allow you to use the strip if they’re set up for the chip. Some cards, of course (think government) don’t have the chip and they go through the strip without a problem. (Except user error, as in sliding the card the wrong way.)

  4. There’s a corner store near me and for some reason the card machine at their first till will NOT recognize my main card. I can use my main card practically anywhere else without issue and I can use any of my other cards on their machine. It’s very strange.

  5. Reminds me before chip cards putting a plastic bag over the card then sliding it. No idea why it worked just knew that it worked.

  6. Where I live, all stores supports mobile payment (retail stores, supermarkets, convenient stores, etc) have rarely had to use a credit cards and even cash

  7. This happens with such frightening regularity at my job that it’s made some of our cashier superstitious- they think that the machine will only work if it *wants* to, and if the person using it is polite.

    I wish I could say that attempting to disprove this notion didn’t fail spectacularly and repeatedly. I really do.

  8. I am a highly trained computer professional, and with embarrassing regularity I will be standing at the checkout waiting, waiting… until the cashier reaches over and without looking hits the button on the pad I was supposed to press.

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