11 thoughts on “March 13, 2017

  1. stuff like that is supposed to come with a display carrier. Not that it ever really helps. It’s just something else the customers will destroy – if in fact you can assemble it in the first place.

    • Me either! That is why I have a Masters in Library Science and not in physics. I swear it is more kind of witchcraft at play!

  2. Gravity does behave very differently in shops. Classic examples are shelf edges and/or barker holders. You snap them into place, there is an extremely satisfying snap/click as it hits home, you test it by hanging off it with most of your body weight, no issues. You go for the other extreme and tap it with your palm/elbow, solid as a rock. So you go on your way. Within 5 nanoseconds a butterfly has flapped its wings in an alternatr dimension, the shelf edge strip has twanged off and dived into a passing customer’s eye socket and the price ticket has inexplicably disappeared forever.

    No? Just me?

    • Your problem is you believed that it would hold together. Most displays I’ve done are held together with bailing twine and a prayer, and would probably still be together now if our head office wanted displays up for more then 5 days at a time.

    • Not just you.

      What’s really twilight zone is that I was recently stocking some stuff on random shelves in a clearance area. Some items I loaded on the shelf carefully with an eye to making it as customer proof as possible. The rest had to be stacked up way to high in a place much too small and I figured it’d be all over the floor in no time.

      Three days latter, carefully stocked items all over. Messily stocked items still standing. How?!?!

  3. It’s physics Donnie, only the worst kind of voodoo there is, AND I HAVE TO DO 30 PROBLEMS OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUGHH!!!!!!!! IT’S TORTURE, I SAY, TORTURE!!!!

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