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        • Heh. When I was working in retail I once got paid for sitting on the curb playing my GameBoy for three hours because the supervisor that morning slept through her alarm and no one I called using the payphone answered their phones.

        • In Stuart’s defense – as much as anything can be – it’s entirely possible that he, due to his low opinion of Cooper, /expected/ him to actually be late, and arranged for the 8:30 key drop-off under that expectation, that because Cooper would be late it’d let the drop-off be ‘right on time’.

          But that’s quite possibly too much forethought to expect from him.

    • Of course. He has to end the day the same way too. It’s a good thing he hasn’t a wife and kids. Hopefully he also has no pets.

    • I’m surprised he actually showed up at all. I’m sure he’d rather “manage” by remote control from his warm, insular office.

      • Ever since he got promoted to DM, we often see Stucchini on his mobile phone, calling from the sales floor of one of the stores he controls.

      • But Stu is about nit-picking Cooper. To heck with business.

        Oh? I remember one time my loss prevention manager yelled at me for not doing something that no one had ever told me to do. For the next 8 months or so, his truck was the first thing I saw when I was pulling into the parking lot, no matter the day or time I was working. He was watching me, nit-picking, hoping I’d quit. But I persevered, and eventually saw him in line at the unemployment office.

        Hang tough, Cooper. Stuart is hoping to get you to quit.

    • The previous store manager, who is leaving, probably still has them and is going to drop them off. I don’t think it would be appropriate to go to an employees house for keys. It’s better to meet at work. He could have gotten them after she closed the store, but that would have been expecting too much from him.

      • Well, it’s only 8 A.M. I don’t think most malls open that early. The only cars there would be employees’ cars, and they are usually not allowed to park too close to the stores as those closer spaces are intended for customers.

  1. I actually sort of agree with Stuart here. In my world, starting at 8 means you start working at 8. You should be there, ready to go at 8. Particularly cause this is Cooper’s first day, it would take him a few minutes to get acclimated to the new store, and the new duties. Furthermore, I know the history of these two, but Cooper could at least pretend to be grateful for the opportunity he’s being given. It’s overdue, and well deserved, but it is an opportunity with more pay after all…

    • Travis,
      I am so so so happy that I don’t live in your world.
      “Ready to go” at 8 or whenever means not getting paid for prep time, running the risk of being reprimanded for clocking in early, showing up and the door is locked or the punch clock isn’t set.
      Coming in before start time means you pay me and you have everything ready so that I can actually start on time and you don’t ever give me grief for running a few minutes over time

      • That attitude makes more sense in office jobs, rather than retail. At my office job I fully believe that starting work at 8 means starting WORK at 8, not just arriving and hanging your coat up and starting your computer powering on.

        When I was in retail though, there is no real “set up” time to speak of, just clock in and go out to the floor so arriving just in time to clock in was perfectly fine.

        Office jobs tend to pay more too, which helps. And they tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere too, not immediately busting you for being a couple minutes late or for running a few minutes over.

        At least, the ones I’ve had.

    • The entire point is Stewart is upset he wasn’t there to spend even more time standing around pointlessly, when he knew the keys to get into the store wouldn’t be there until 830. Basically just being a jerk for no reason.

    • Except that’s not even what Stuart is saying. He didn’t say, “You should have gotten here early to get acclimated to your new position”. He said being on time is the same thing as being late, which is just an excuse to bust Cooper’s chops.

      We know that’s not what he meant because he deliberately asked Cooper to show up 30 minutes before they could even get the keys to open the store.

      And even if that was what he meant, that’s still something he should have told Cooper ahead of time.

  2. Idiocy like that is one of the reasons I didn’t retire in the military. “Hey, let’s show up half an hour to an hour earlier than the last person in the chain of command told us to!” Eventually results in everyone there at 3am and the head cheese wondering why everyone’s so pissed by the time he/she got there.

  3. I am one of those people who always show up for anything and everything at least 5 minutes early. That habit has usually paid off. However, Stuart not coordinating with the key lady shows how dumb he is. Not only does Cooper have to wait – he must wait, too. Outside. In the cold. Miserable with only Cooper for company. Geeze, Stuart. “How about we go to the DD and grab a cup of coffee.” Oh, silly me. Not Stuart.

  4. Going to be disastrous week for Cooper. This feels like a setup for when they finally get inside and everything is a circus / bloodbath.

    • Nah, Cooper works in the stock room; he LIVES for chaos.
      The challenge will be getting work out of people who know their days are numbered & no longer have any f***s to give.

  5. I’ve always hated that “if you aren’t early, you’re late” mentality that some bosses have. My current factory line leader has an attitude like that. To be fair I understand that stations need a little prepping but it doesn’t require as much time as she thinks.

    • Yeah, but, see, prep is WORK. It’s not something you should be required to do on your own time. You want me to spend 15 minutes prepping for the job? Fine, but you better pay me for it, because there’s MY time and there’s JOB time, and they do not cross.

      • I should have said this in the original post but that’s what they want us to do. They want to get our stuff ready THEN go clock in if we’re early. Like if I start at 9 pm and I get there at 8:30, they want me to spend part of that half hour prepping the area.

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