21 thoughts on “March 15, 2013

  1. Seems Amber’s worked there long enough to know corporate better than this by now. No way will they blame their idiotic plan. They will blame the poor beleagered workers when they can’t make plan.

    • Not necessarily true, she is on the floor. They will not get the blame, it will be the manager, i.e. Marla that will be blamed for the low sales. The floor employees may not know everything no matter how long they work there.

      • They’ll blame the floor people for not suggestive selling more. New dress? You need matching jewelry. New purse? You need the shoes to match.

  2. Nothing… *nothing* is *ever* Corporate’s fault. There is an eternal line of RM’s, DM’s, Store Managers, Assistant Managers, and sales floor grunts to blame, in that order. And then the workers go home and kick their cats.

  3. It’s only the fault of whomever’s purview it is limited to. If it’s one store, it’s the store manager’s fault. If it’s one district, it’s the district manager. If it’s one region, regional manager.

    Since it’s almost definitely going to be across-the-board losses… they’ll have trouble telling people it’s not the peoples’ fault who oversees that board.

    It would strain my credibility if they tried, even in the fictional setting of the comic.

    • You are using common sense and logic.

      Big-wigs at the top do not use that. They are so dissociated and isolated from the sales floor and stores they sit there going “But our plan was flawless! Therefore it must be THEIR fault.”

      • But who’s “they”? The entire rest of the staff outside of the analysts? That’s trouble even for executives. Sorry, but at some point even the rhetoric can’t work.

        Besides, the bigwigs aren’t dumb. They’re just always on the lookout for a way to make it seem like someone else’s fault, no matter how dumb it makes _them_ seem to those people. But there’s no way to make this seem like anyone else’s fault.

    • That saw cuts for the Army, too.
      And on that copromotive note…
      Every crisis or challenge or whatever was met with REORGANIZATION! (i.e. “same poop, different pile.”)

  4. Aww, she’s so cute! lol

    As for the ‘its your fault I’m an idiot’ deal… I had a customer tell me once ‘You telling me its *my* fault *I* lost *my* receipt?!’ Um, yes ma’am, it is. Then she realized what she said and left. That was my lol moment for that day.

  5. I recently started reading Retail from the beginning (I’m currently in Feb 08) and accidentally skipped to today’s.

    When did Feuti’s drawing style change? For a moment I thought there was another Comic Strip Switcheroo going on.

    • If you look at most comic strips I think you’ll find the style evolves over time. Frankly, I like the current look better. It think Norm just got better with practice and was better able to draw what was in his mind. I’ve gone though the whole strip and I don’t remember any style change. It just slowly evolved.

  6. As a wise man once said in a book “Corporate doesn’t make mistakes because they have degrees and a happy job”.

    My pay is terrible, but I’ve happy with my coworkers and I’m on the road to finishing a Master’s Degree after a double major for my undergrad. I also have an Associate’s certification. By the previous definition, I don’t make mistakes and I say corporate is full of crap. QED.

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