19 thoughts on “March 16, 2013

  1. I can totally see a new marketing campaign… Grumbel’s: The exclusive retailer for stupid people, catering to your stupid needs!

    Yes, they’re most definitely working… to prove a point. Grumbel’s needs sales to thrive. When Chapter 11 looms… it’s going to be interesting.

  2. Showrooming? what?

    Anyway, the customers with their i-products are still going to see if other stores have the prices cheaper when they’re shopping anyway. Are they more likely to do this when the store is doing a price comparison gimmick?

    • Showrooming is using a store to browse. If you find something interesting, you look it up elsewhere to see if there’s a better deal.

        • Well, that and those poor computer-illiterates who get suckered into thinking that the “Geek Squad” are computer experts.

          • Some of us were. They should have left us as the Tech Bench instead of “Geek Squad”. Who wears a white shirt and tie when you are leaning over a filthy machine filled with spinning fans and hot electronics, anyway?

            At my store we all hated the whole “Geek Squad” garbage, but we had some good people. One of the guys modified a Linux based tool for us that let us boot and do diagnostics on the machines so crippled by spyware and/or viruses that they would not boot. Saved us from hooking the drive to our bench machine for diagnostics. From what I have heard everything is spoon fed from corporate now including the tools that they can use.

      • …and burn up the price difference in vehicle maintenence/ fuel costs to go to the other location to buy it?

          • No, what they do is complain when they get to the store about how far they had to drive and try to negotiate the price even further. After throwing a big enough fit, they get a gift card or coupon out of the deal. Seriously, I think some people must make a living pulling stunts like that as many times as I’ve seen it happen.

  3. Sales are going to start to drop and Stuart is going to blame everyone because he is too dumb to see the truth just like always.

  4. It’s all the fault of those darn cell phones! If people weren’t allowed to bring their phones into the store, they couldn’t price-check while they shopped. So all we have to do is ban phones in the store! Brilliant, huh?

    (That was sarcasm, by the way. Although I wish we were allowed to ban cell phones.)

    • It is illegal to block cell phone signals electronically in many areas. However, there are construction material choices you can make to prevent their use within the building. You have to have a material with holes in it of the perfect size to disrupt signals of a given wavelength. Chicken wire does it for wireless signals. Use it to hang displays or imbed it in a concrete wall. I don’t know what you use for the signals from cell phone towers. The fact is that executives are naive enough to think that they will lose paying customers if people can’t use phones in their establishment, when the reality is that the only customers they will lose are the showrooms who don’t have enough sense to carry a pen and paper. Wait, that won’t work either. I once had a customer ask me for a pen and paper to copy a recipe from a cookbook because he did not want to buy the whole thing. Seriously, ever heard of a library? Or the internet?

      • There’s a high school in my old hometown which is built out of material like this. Funniest thing is that it was by accident. They aren’t the least bit unhappy about it though ;D

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