14 thoughts on “March 16, 2017

      • That’s usually the best reaction. The people who do that on Facebook generally never respond to anyone asking anything about it…

        Personally I take it a step further and click over to their wall and unfollow them so their useless attention whore behavior doesn’t even register in my feed.

  1. I know retail work sucks and all, but seriously. If working a job is the ‘literal worst day of your entire life’, I’d say you’ve lived a pretty sheltered life.

    • It might not just be the job for her today, though. A lot of times a person can be having a bad day both at work and at home, and the combination of the two is enough to make you just want to throw up your hands and walk away from it all…

    • Depends what happens. I worked retail for years, and it sucks worse for the women.

      When Mr. McCreepy walks in and you don’t get the heads-up, having Surprise No More Personal Space with a side order of “He couldn’t possible have had his hand there on purpose… right?” is pretty unpleasant.

      Add in an older male coworker who thinks it’s your job to clean the microwave in the break room, and you’re just about ready to snap.

      Which is invariably when something else happens.

  2. She sounds like the average coworker at my store when our free Wi-Fi occasionally doesn’t connect. “My life is ruined! How can I live now? This place sucks! I want to quit! I want to play on my phone!” LOL.

  3. When I’m angry or unhappy about a situation, I am generally open about it. If someone asks me what’s wrong, I’ll tell them.

    The only exception is when it has to do with a specific person. That is probably the only time I will be vague about something.
    1. Even if I hate/dislike/am disappointed in the person, they still deserve privacy to some degree
    2. Any problems I may have with a specific person has nothing to do with others. I do not wish to change someone’s opinion of a person just because I had a bad experience with them.

    I will still express a vague sense of displeasure because that is already very hard to hide.

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