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  1. And why are the cups always so full?! Just ready to spill! You had to have it so badly that you brought it in here, yet don’t even drink it.

    • I’ve never understood why people will pay a dollar – or- more -for a drink of water and then throw away most of it. (I take the half-empties and put them in my dog’s dish.)

  2. Although I always pick up after these slobs (no. I haven’t worked in retail in 40 years.), there is rarely a receptacle available in the store.

    • Thank you for your clean-up assistance. I don’t really see “there isn’t a trash can nearby” as a viable excuse, though. I just carry mine until I find a cashier desk, those usually have a trash can at them.

      • Receptacles tend not to be available throughout the stores because merchandise has a funny way of ending up inside them — some people are just destructive d-bags. However, I (and every other retail worker I know) am more than happy to bring a container to a customer when they have the courtesy of letting me know that they wish to dispose of their refuse.

      • Don’t work retail anymore but a similar phenomenon happens at bus stops. I frequently find drink cops ON TOP of the trash can. Really? You couldn’t aim 6 inches lower and put it IN the trash?

  3. It isn’t just retail. When I worked for the state parks I’d find drink cans and lunch sacks thrown on the ground not five feet from a big trash can. Not to mention used baby diapers.

    • Are the trash cans covered? Then it is pure laziness. But if they’re no covered, odds are crows (and I’ve watched them do this) have been dumpster-diving. They’ll fly out with such things as you mention not just to pick at it in hopes of a snack, but – and I’m sure of this – just because they’re mischievous and love to troll humans.

      • I’ve never seen one in a store, except near entrances and usually outside. Unless the store has someplace that serves food and/or drinks and then it would be right there.

        I don’t see how you could miss something that size. So I’m going to go with saying they aren’t there. Besides, what store would want to have the odor on the sales floor.

        The customers are ill-mannered for leaving trash lying around;

  4. I don’t know which I hate more, this or hen people “change their mind” about buying perishable groceries like milk and ice cream and just kind of stuff it on a shelf somewhere.

    • My biggest pet peeve! Husband doesn’t get it but I think it’s cause he never worked in retail. However he will return stuff back to the right section if he doesn’t want it after all.

      I cashier in a supermarket, and while working I keep an eye out for this in my lane. When I see someone start to do this I get their attention and ask them to please hand the item to me.

      So man people either look embarrassed or glare evilly at me for “catching them in the act”. Excuse me for wanting to keep my area looking nice and presentable! I’ve even once had a lady kept stating repeatedly how she didn’t want the item and I’m like “I know, that’s why I asked you for it so it can be put away.”

      • You and me both. When I worked the toy department, I once found a whole gallon jug of milk hidden under the beach towels. It was still slightly cold (meaning the culprit was probably still in the store, and no, we didn’t just put it back because we couldn’t be sure of its shelf life at that point).

        So when I cashiered, I would ask people to hand me things instead of stuffing them in the candy display. All looked embarrassed. Way too many protested that they didn’t want them, and like you, I had to explained, “I’m aware of that. But you can hand it to me to have it put away. You don’t need to stuff it in with the candy.” It wasn’t until I tucked it next to my receipt printer that they finally caught on that I wasn’t just going to ring them up for the items anyway.

        Some people need to work retail as a rite of passage, just so they can understand how things actually work. Like, no, we’re not going to force you to buy something you picked up if you don’t want it in the end.

    • Anyone that thinks *any* of these strips are exaggerated by much probably engages in at least one of the annoying behaviors depicted. The only thing I have so far never personally witnessed was people getting into physical confrontations on Black Friday, but that was because I worked at a retailer that didn’t get quite as much foot traffic for that event as other stores.

    • I once wrote a play about working in a coffee shop. Reviews were split right down the middle. If the reviewer had worked in customer service, they’d declare it was hilarious and right on the money; if they hadn’t, they’d call it exaggerated and unrealistic.

      • @Indigo
        I definitely relate to that. When I’d come home and talk about “the” customer of the day, my family would sympathize. If a friend was there when I told it, they thought I was exaggerating.

  5. One of my pet peeves. Even if the trash wasn’t RIGHT THERE, it’s not that difficult to take it to a register which will have a trash can. Or use the trash just outside the door.
    As a customer, I mostly hate when I encounter someone’s trash stashed behind stock. It shows they made an effort to conceal their laziness, instead of being an adult.

  6. Norm must either works retail on at least a part time basis or has close friends who work retail. He is right on the money with his comic.

    • He actually had worked in retail management for over 15 years.

      And as others have pointed out, this isn’t an exaggeration. I once found two boxes of mini frozen pies that someone had discarded in the stationary aisle. Needless to say, I had to take both the mini pies and the notebooks to claims, as the pies had melted over the notebooks.

      Although, I like to think there are some cases when the whole drink issue is more a case of forgetfulness than laziness. Such as a customer setting their drink down to look at an item, but then forgetting their drink is there.

      • I have regretfully forgotten a drink while shopping. But I always try to find it when I realized that I forgot.

  7. There’s a good reason for this. People would find it convenient to put merchandise in the trash cans that they decided they didn’t want.

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