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  1. Cooo, a customer asking a somewhat relevant question! Bank Cards haven’t been Cheque Guarantee Cards since the last such scheme closed at the end of 2011. When those schemes ended a lot of places ceased accepting cheques.

  2. this still happened a fair bit where i worked luckily my store streamlined the process, it scans it, prints the correct data over the customers handwriting, uses the routing numbers to charge the account directly and spits the out dated check out to hand back to the moron all in about a minute

    • Wally does that too. Once in awhile though a check gets flagged and has to be kept and not given back to the customer. Normally if they haven’t used a check there in awhile.

    • It converts the check to a ACH transaction. Fine for most people, but some companies don’t allow ACH transactions against their account – so it fails. To get payment, the store has to process it the old fashioned way and actually depot it.

      • Which is probably when the check gets flagged and the register tells the cashier to drop it in the drawer instead of returning it.

        I had so many older customers who HATED that the register voided the check (after running the funds electronically) and had me return it to them. They were CONVINCED that it meant they weren’t being properly charged and were going to end up in trouble for it, or somehow charged twice, or whatever. At least one person yelled at me that if he wanted to run it electronically, he would’ve used his debit card. He gave me a check because he wanted to pay with a check, NOT his debit. I wouldn’t be surprised if that particular customer was trying to float funds or something.

        • There are those of us who have had fees dropped on us for using debit cards and/or are trying to avoid online banking because of possible or experienced fraud (FYI, by law, customers are mostly liable for any fraud done on or with their cards)….no it shouldn’t be too surprising that they are none too pleased when they discover that you’re actually processing electronically. By handing you a paper check, the expectation is that the store will deposit it, not treat permission as a reason for a cashier to access their personal checking account.

          I don’t use checks in stores, simply because I remember what it was like trying to keep a line moving while trying to process a check, but we live in a world in which the major of the people in it still learned and lived by that paying by check meant one thing, even though it now could mean another.

          • In my case, no one ever mentioned fees for electronic processing of checks (or running as debit; in fact the only time I heard “fee” in association with debit cards themselves, it was people saying that their bank charged them for running the card as credit instead of debit), and the only fraud they were worried about was the store defrauding them. Not to mention yelling at me like it was entirely my fault the system was set up that way, when I was just a lowly cashier.

      • I once mailed a check to a school and got a returned check notice when i had more than enough to cover it. Bank said they never returned any checks and even gave me a letter. After going to the school and talking to the head cashier we discovered that the check reader had be broken and the cashier had typed the account and routing numbers in backwards. The cashier decided that since it was there fault she waved the deposit fee the check was for. She said in this cash it would have been easier to just have sent the check to the bank since the error no one could figure out.

  3. At my last job, the owner would flip out if someone wanted to write a check, I think he tolerated it from me since I worked for him, but my current employer will take them and credit cards for our sales departments sales, application truck sales, and I can take them in the call center over the phone…..now cash we won’t due for the safety of our salespeople and drivers, and even then they have to be extra protective of that info until they can get it back to the office.

  4. Here in the UK the only ones who take cheques (as we spell it) are self-employed (I paid my driving instructor by cheque) but since the invention of PayPal and PayM, plus the earlier has created a portable card reader (like the one Brice had when he tried to sell doughnuts) I don’t see them lasting much longer.

          • Most of them are just people using shit passwords or phishing attacks rather than a problem with paypal.

          • Since PayPal does not consider themselves a bank they do some shady stuff with peoples accounts. There are a handful of states that are investigating them for fraud but since they are try to prosecute them under banking laws and they claim they are not a bank it gets wrapped up in legalisms. I have had so many problems withe them (and eBay) I stop selling on eBay and switch to Amazon and I just don’t accept PayPal any more. Does not seem to be a problem since amazon lets me accept credit and debit cards.

  5. Getting almost as obsolete as “traveler’s checks” as far as using them in retail stores. Retail workers are now more wary of accepting fraudulent checks than they are of someone using a stolen credit/debit card.

  6. Some older lady wrote a check at one of the large warehouse membership stores the other day (she was in front of me in line). I admit, I got a bit irritated – a transaction that could have taken seconds with a quick swipe of a debit card took about 4 minutes. But then I thought of her being older and realized it was likely her generation.

    I do have a book of checks – had to order a book of 25 because I do write one check a month to pay a medical bill…stupid hospital wouldn’t do a payment plan so sent to a collections agency (a reputable one at least who is nice – big surprise)…but even reputable I’m not doing and ACH withdrawal with them – if they process my check and take more than the amount written, I have proof (and a lawsuit, I’m sure) but if I give verbal authorization I have no proof. So I physically write a check and mail it every month.

    It’s so rare for me to write a check though.

    • We also have a checkbook that we get to use occasionally. I think at least one of our utilities doesn’t do electronic payments, so we mail them a check. Also occasionally for paying someone we know when we don’t have the cash to cover and they don’t have PayPal or the like set up, and for paying tithing to our church (when we don’t do THAT online, because our church now has a convenient online system for it).

    • We still get cheques from our older customers, but I work for the cable company, so we have recourse if the cheque is rubber.

  7. Checks at stores should just be abolished. The only people who use them anymore are little old ladies in their 70s who only serve to slow the whole line.

    I only use a check to pay my rent, and then it’s only because I have a private landlord. If it was a company it would all be online payments just like every other bill I get these days.

    • Yep, I love the online rent payment method. I now pretty much write only 1 check a year and that’s the month that I’m in-between lease agreements for a particular month so I have to pro-rate my rent because the computer system of the managing company doesn’t do it.

    • @ Matt:
      “…only serve to slow the whole line.”

      My word, aren’t YOU the precious one.

      What, are you five years old and just can’t wait the extra three minutes it takes for a check?

  8. Random retail related question: What happened to Harris? Was he let go after the holidays? I don’t remember any strip that showed his fate.

    • Jan 10th was the last time he appeared (at least according to the tags). I don’t think anything has happened to him, he’s just not part of any of the stories right now.

  9. I get checks all the time. From all kinds of people. The only reason I get irritated is because if you have a check you can open a redcard debit card which is literally a check card (the funds aren’t directly taken from your account, it processes as slowly as a check would) and saves you money when you use it. It’s stupid to continue to use the checks and waste mone, but I realize some people don’t trust themselves with a card, or use a checkbook to keep track of their spending.

    I have checks and I use them every month to do a mobile transfer between my bank accounts so I don’t have to drive to a bank or wait a week for an electronic transfer to go through.

  10. We still take checks at my job, however most people just use them to pay off their credit card bills (we allow customers to pay off their bills in store).

  11. I remember, back in 1999, I was in NYC and a lot of people were still using pagers/beepers. I was like “whaaaaa? you’re supposed to be more advanced than a medium midEuropean country I came from, what is this shit?”.

  12. The only check I have to write are for the government, mainly for my cars plates, since a 4% fee is added to all electronic payments in my state so i just take my check book to the DMV once a year. Also sometimes doctor offices dont have online payment set up, the ones that do i like, the ones that dont get a check. I have seen people try to float a check then get mad when it goes through electronically and is denied.

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