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  1. I can really relate to this.

    My wife and I love scented candles. But I have to be very careful when buying them, because so many of the chemical scents they use smell a) nothing like what’s on the label, b) way too strong, or c) absolutely ghastly. That, or they’re way too expensive for what you’re buying.

    When I find one on sale that’s pleasant and not too strong, it’s a real score.

    • I love scented candles as well (prefer vanilla, pine, fresh linen and rain) and find it difficult to candles that produce little to no soot residue. That is why I stay away from the Golden Sphincter’s mainstays candles as those horrid things pump out so much soot that after burning 3 of their candles, I can see a fine layer of black soot.

        • America’s #1 retailer for cheap junk that falls apart quickly.

          “Retain currency, improve your existence.”

      • Try one of those electric warming trays instead of lighting the candles. They should still release the scented oils but soot isn’t a problem since there’s no combustion.

      • Whereas I haven’t noticed any soot issues with the Mainstays candles I buy. I’m rather fond of their lilac and pine scents, because I have a hard time finding a pine candle that actually smells like the pine trees where I grew up and not something else not-pine-like. Plus I’m just a sucker for lilac scents.

        But I’ll second the recommendation for a candle warmer if you want the scents without the soot. I used one in our last two apartments because there was a general “no open flames” policy in effect, and if they found out you’d lit candles in your apartment you could be fined. So I got a candle warmer so I could still enjoy scented candles without worrying about fines. The only drawback is that when I want the empty jars afterward, I have to figure out how to dispose of the wax (much less of a problem with lighting candles).

        • Easy: melt it, pour it out into a disposable container or even right into the trash. To get rid of the residue remaining in the jar, either stick it in your freezer for an hour so it’ll chip off easy and in large chunks or dump simple green in and let it soak until it comes off.

      • Huh. I thought that only a certain M*A*S*H-aliased person was the only one to refer to it as the Golden Sphincter (I do too, but I stole it from him).

  2. My daughter loves to go to the stores that sell scented candles along with body lotions and such. She loves the fruity smelling candles the most as do I. I dont like the ones like sandlewood breeze or the other candles. Sometimes I cant even smell them. We dont burn them. We just go in there to smell them. Dontt ask!

  3. Donnie and Cooper better not say that brand name out loud (the “U” word), or else Stuart will be on their case in a heartbeat…

  4. I’m not a fan of scented candles because they’re usually sooooo strong and make me either ill or I’ll sneeze beyond Sneezy’s bouts.

  5. My sister bought a ‘warm bread’ candle for our shared bedroom at my parent’s house

    It was ok at first but now I have a very strange scent to associate that room with

    Doesn’t help that it didn’t smell exactly like bread

    And we both learned we were gluten intolerant soon after


  6. I am so upset that Yankee Candle doesn’t make their car scent products in rose anymore. They were one of the few brands that claimed to smell like roses and it actually was really nice.

  7. Our receptionist likes scented candles and uses them at work. The one she likes the most smells like freshly baked cake and the smell travels through the office. It smells really nice. So nice you think maybe someone brought cake to share and you go to the kitchen and not see any cake. Then you remember the candle and you think to yourself “the cake is a lie”.

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