28 thoughts on “March 25, 2018

    • Yes, those little girls are at that happy age before society impresses upon them it’s ridiculous rules about how fashion is the most important thing in the world and that it’s an abomination if someone’s wearing the same outfit you are.

      • That reminds me of the time while I was working in a jewelry store and a woman came in wearing a dress made of the same fabric pattern as the one I was wearing. Different style to the dress though. She took one look at me and left the store as fast as she could. I couldn’t help but laugh because the reaction was so absurd.

  1. The kids don’t care the dress looks comfortable and practical with the leggings just take the photo and laugh about it with friends over coffee.

  2. Next week the 1% parents.

    Panel 1, you can’t her wear tee sane dress I bought my daughter
    Panel 2, you Hse to Chavez your daughters dress, I bought it first
    Panel 3, rumble between both parents ave tee children act line they are strangers

  3. On a side note, do you suppose Norm will ever update the character profiles? They still indicate Stuart as store manager and all the other profiles are from that time period too.

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