15 thoughts on “March 26, 2017

  1. So he thought no other employee could tell him what time the store opens. Funny. Yeah I guess she should be glad it was nothing serious, but it is annoying. Sometimes she’s been called out of her lunch break or other important things for stuff like this.

  2. Having worked both side of the customer service coin (lackey and manager) , I can tell there are indeed people who insist on speaking to a manager for everything because they think all the frontline people are hopelessly incompetent.

    • The same sort of people that to talk to you via mumbling under their breath, and roll their eyes if you ask them to speak up a bit.

      • Well, as far as that goes, I put it flat out to people who mumble:

        “I’m sorry, but I’m going deaf. I need you to look at me when you talk so I can see what you’re saying.”

        Some people would blink, but then they’d look up and face me, apologize, and then speak up. No one got upset over it.

        (I now have hearing aids, but I still have the habit of looking at people’s mouths when they talk.)

  3. I once had a customer who insisted on talking to the MOD so I called him up. The MOD had been helping in the deli department and was dressed in full deli sanitary gear. The customer attempted to shake his hand and failed and then said the purpose of his visit was to get his personal business card placed in our community board. The MOD told him _I_ could have handled that and walked away.

    On the other hand, I have had customers who get nearly irate for having to tell their story three times, so I can kind of understand it? Yet it was sort of funny because I doubt the MOD even knew where the keys were to the community board!

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