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  1. To be fair schools stopped teaching how to count back change, which I find is a very useful skill as a cashier. Though I get sick of adults putting down kids just to feel superior.

    It’s $25 rounded up by the way.

      • The sad thing is there will be some (not all, but some) people who will read this comic, and wonder, “where’s the punch line”. And it’s not just kids, people in general who can’t do simple basic math in their head.

        • I would probably be one of those people. Frankly speaking, the guy in the first panel would probably roll his eyes and make snide remarks about the guy in the second panel too.

          The first guy may be kind of rude, but the second guy IS an idiot.

    • My school didn’t teach me to count back. My Dad did when I was about ten. I still remember how (fifty years later).

      Always amazes me when someone younger than 45 knows how to do it. I’ve noticed, however, that those who do are often the same people who say, “Please” and “Thank you” and “Ma’am” or “Sir”.

  2. Kind of had that today at work. Customer was ranting and raving about how people are to addicted to the internet and that it is the millennials fault that we had to rely on Computers now. However in the next breath he wanted me to fix his PC because he “wasn’t a PC nerd”. Kinda made me feel bad I was able to fix it and tell him he had 100+ viruses on his PC.

  3. The ones I deal with seem to do ok. I like to get rid of small change. So if my purchase is $6.81, I’ll give them $7.06. They take it in stride.

    Quarters, I can use. Nickels, dimes and pennies, I have no use for.

    • US should follow Chinese currency denomination:

      100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, 0.50,0.10
      They still have .01 and .05 as well, but they are only given at Banks and fruits and vegetable stores because when exchanging money or buying fruits and vegetables, you may get something worth not in the full .1.

    • I’ve got an easy fix for those, I have 5 32oz drink cups from a local restaurant that I use to keep all my change in, one each for pennies, nickels, and dimes, then one at home and one at my desk at work for quarters, cut a slit in the lid of the ones at home and have a straw in the one at work as camo. That way I have quarters for the machines at work if need be and have change at home if need be (like if I hit the toll ways for any reason) plus I can take it to the bank when the cup is full, just one of those cups full of quarters is around $180.00!

    • In Land de Canuck the penny went out of use a few years ago and it seems the dime is the one that ends up dropped and left on the ground because its the smallest in size coin.

    • I do something similar although the only coin I have no use for are pennies. So if I have enough pennies to get at least a nickel I’m good. Even better is if I have enough pennies and other coins to make an even green rectangular thing. The problem for me is that often, even if I give this to them right at the beginning, the cashier has trouble figuring out what the correct change should be.

    • Now that we have computers running the register systems you can do that (give small change on top of the rounded up dollar tender) and feel comfortable doing it. Back in the 1970s and before, when you had to count back change, customers didn’t do that to clerks unless it was VERY obvious what the change back would be.

  4. It’s not that we don’t know what to do. It’s when they hand us 27, 28 cents when we’re already counting their change that it can be a problem.

    • I feel like this situation should have been the first panel. It’s so mortifying to be caught in one of these situations as a retail worker, even though you know nothing about retail gives you any reason to be mentally primed or engaged for sudden mental math after the numbers disappear and the transaction has officially calculated.

    • This EXACTLY. Pisses me off so much when a customer suddenly hands me some change after I’ve cashed the register, then dares to act like I’m an idiot because it takes a few seconds to shift my brain from the mindless task of running a register to needing to do some mental math real quick. Either give me the change beforehand so I can continue with the flow of things, or be patient while I shift gears instead of making yourself feel superior because you tripped up the “stupid” cashier… /rant

    • I work at a grade school. No student is allowed to use calculators. It is all done with pencil and paper.

    • My kids’ school has them do math speed drills. No calculators. Perhaps you’ve made an unwarranted assumption. If calculators are overused, it may not be the schools’ fault.

  5. Oh yeah, buddy. Not only is the item free, the store will owe you a dollar if you “buy” it. Because 50% off is the same as $50 off!

  6. This would’ve been funnier if it had been the jackass asking. The same ignorant buffoon that hates on young people can’t do math himself. Then Amber says, “Sorry, but apparently I can’t do math without a computer. P.S. The price is $25.”

  7. hay norm if you need a comic idea i have one for you. I was shopping in Target and i came across a pair of pants the pockets of which were stuffed with cologne boxes. I brought it to a employe and they said it was a common occurrence.

    • Helped with my stores’ “reline and reno” a few years back.
      The number of empty razor blade boxes, condom boxes and makeup boxes was astounding even to me, a seasoned retail worker. More commonly stolen than even meat… which our LPO once told me is worth 50-70 cents on the dollar to drug dealers in exchange for drugs.

  8. some of those skills can be easily taught by parents, life skills math anyway.
    From the time my kids had allowance or earned their own money, and wanted to get something from the store,
    I WOULD NOT COVER ANY DIFFERENCE, unless previously agreed to do so, due to a birthday or special occasion.
    If they didn’t have enough, something had to go back. Period.
    Easy peasy.

  9. I can figure out the change just fine if the computer doesn’t tell me or the screen wipes early (it happens). The problem is when some jerk customer starts yammering at me making it harder to do.

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