18 thoughts on “March 29, 2017

  1. Actually, that’s…pretty intelligent.

    And while reshelving everything might be annoying for Val, surely it is at least partially counterbalanced by having an interaction with a happy customer for a change….

    • And not having to process returns.

      And also, if she needs to duck a truly unpleasant task, this could work as an excuse.

      • Actually, there are those who will only get a “rush” if the go through the purchase process. Years ago I once had a “customer” that would select 15-20 items along with a pack of cigarettes. She would then proceed to make an excuse why she was returning everything except the cigarettes. She wouldn’t do it all at once. She would keep coming back into the store to return more and more items until she was left with just the pack of cigarettes. She would always do this at closing time. I eventually banned her from the store.

      • Not really – Brice would probably tell her she has to do both, in the same amount of time allocated to do the unpleasant task (and serve whomever else she needs to while doing those – which in his eyes would still not be acceptable as an excuse not to finish on time).

      • you don’t have to process it thru the computer, but someone still has to sort those items out to their departments, and then the department associate has to reshelve everything. Probably while complaining that a cashier let someone return it (‘cos they don’t know it was abandoned).

  2. She reminds me of the occasional trolls we get in chat who are nothing but a waste of time (though there’s no cleanup thankfully) or others who are constantly requesting catalogs despite never ordering a single thing from us.

    • They can have all my catalogs. I order one little thing from uline and I get a catalog that takes close to a ream of paper to print. And other places do the same thing.

      • There is one furniture company that sends out their catalog in hardback form. I can’t even imagine the printing costs on that sucker.

  3. Yes it would be much worse if she bought them first and then “changed her mind” and returned all of them.

    Someone yesterday talked about a “flux capacitor”. Just for fun, all of you should go to O’Reilly Auto Parts.com and in the search box enter “121g” and see what comes up. Good for giggles.

  4. While those situations would be worse, it’s still extremely selfish for this little twit to gather all this stuff and force a worker to have to go around returning it all to the shelves. As if they have nothing better to do. Let her get her “retail therapy” online, she can go to online stores and browse to her heart’s content. No one there has to return stuff to shelves.

    • Had a ‘burb mom push her cart through a clothing dept knocking several hangered blouses to the floor.
      When her son (about 9ish) picked them up, she said “Leave that, Chaz. They have people to do that.” & kept walking.
      Her son saw my sad look & handed me the blouses he’s picked up.
      I leaned over & thanked him quietly for being such a mature young man.
      He walked away smiling at me.
      There might be hope yet.

    • In the minds of those who do this, it isn’t the same thing as getting to touch and fondle and put them in a cart.

    • Yeah, I’m not sure I can get behind the free portion. The therapy part for me comes from owning the new item, bringing it home and using it. Spending all that time shopping to not own any of the neat stuff I found? That’s truly a waste of my time. It isn’t about the shopping, it’s about the having, which is why I can only use this “therapy” method occasionally when I can afford new things.

  5. Well at least their all in a cart that she gave to someone instead of just leaving them scattered around the store. Still a pain in the ass to put away though.

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