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  1. An example of corporate not giving enough credit to customers. Yes customers can be unreasonable and gross at times, but that’s a small group compared to the rest who actually do have common sense.

    Brice, she has more important things to worry about over a minor papercut.

  2. Too bad many “moving grade” boxes in stores have flaps that don’t close all the way, made of sub-par materials that render the box integrity useless after one use, or in Wal-Marts case, returned to the warehouse for “Credit.”

    • I sell a ton of corrugated and I can tell you any box made under a 32ECT is garbage. With 2 price increases in corrugated in the last 2 months, you will see prices increase at the store level shortly.

  3. Moving pro tip: Malt-O-Meal bagged cereal and apple boxes are best.

    Malt-o-meal are a really good size and they close nicely. Apple boxes are extremely sturdy.

    Each of the 3 different stores I worked for knew this, and we always saved those ones for movers.

    • We used to do a huge “business” in “water boxes” (the boxes used to ship gallons of water). We almost never had to break them down for compacting, which was good because they were a royal PITA to break down.

    • Bleach and laundry soap boxes, if no leakage happened. They are designed to carry the weight of 4 full bleach bottles at a time, so strong enough you can flip an empty one over and stand on it.

      • I work in our liquor store at my walmart(ND) and the best boxes are the ones that carry the large wine bottles(Carlo Rossi or Livingston). I know, I used these boxes when I moved last year!

  4. The very best boxes for all-purpose use are Hammermill – they can be used over and over again, cut down to half-size for videos and paperbacks, stacked for storage, whatever – but they’re tough to score.

    A customer could get a paper cut in anything in the store, too, Brice, and you’re the consummate asswaffle. Shut up and go back to pulling the wings off of flies for entertainment.

  5. When I was moving, my local comic book store graciously offered me some boxes. Paper, of course, is heavy, and those boxes were double ply and heavy duty.

  6. I’ve worked for grocery stores and Walmart. I know at the grocery stores we always used to get requests of boxes. I don’t remember if we had any boxes at Walmart besides the ones that said “return to Walmart for credit”.

    • The return for credit boxes only make up 5% of a normal shipment of stock. You have never had to use the baler for your cardboard? I have given boxes to people who needed them. The best time to come for boxes at Wal-mart is after 10 pm at night when the stocking begins.

  7. Congratulations on winning the award Brice I know you’re so proud of your critical ways and have been trained long and hard by Stuart in them so–wait, NO!

    MOONLIGHT WON!!! MOONLIGHT come on up! YOU actually won!

    • That’s for sure. When we moved we grabbed a lot of boxes from a grocery store and some were from liquor sales.

  8. Point 1: Brice is evolving into a colossal pain in the arse. It’s almost like he has a vendetta against Cooper and Donnie. But nah, management would never ever EVER engage in such things (rolls eyes….)

    Point 2: There’s a (very) remote chance Brice might actually be right. To quote Dr. Kelso, “People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.” People can and have exploited tiny, insignificant issues to wheedle free stuff and even threatened or actually filed filed lawsuits. Of course, filing a lawsuit is not a guaranteed win, but anymore, it seems that going to court is a crapshoot, especially in modern times where everything ‘traumatizes’ people.

    • Yes, he might actually be right. But you can”t run a business that way. You might as well just never unlock the doors.

      Brice is an idiot who doesn’t understand positive customer relations. Much less being nice just for the sake of it.

  9. Coulda been worse.. imagine Brice’s reaction if, in the second panel, she’d given Cooper a peck on the cheek.

  10. Brice has a point, it could happen. No good deed goes unpunished after all. But luckily the chances of someone actually suing you for giving them boxes is remote. Most people have more sense than that.

  11. I’ve had bosses like Brice. They get off on bullying, incessantly criticizing those below on the food chain. No matter how well I accomplished a time sensitive complicated task, I would be dinged for minor near-misses. Never failed. It doesn’t matter what Cooper and Donnie do nor how well they get it done, Brice is there in the shadows ready to pounce on a misstep. Maybe they should just lock Brice in the cleaning supply closet and go out in a blaze of glory.

  12. Brice is forgetting about customer service. Make the customer feel welcome and the customer comes back. Give the customer cardboard boxes and they are more likely to return and buy something. I’m sure Grumbels sells household goods of the type people need to replace when they move.

    • Ah, but good customer service only counts when the customer is paying for something, it seems. Give her the boxes for free? She’s going to get a paper cut and sue us. Sell her the boxes? Well, then, now it’s time to bend over backwards for her, even if she still cuts her finger and tries to sue.

  13. Need to score some moving boxes? Ask a good chainsaw dealer (especially Stihl). The boxes are wonderful and a lot of the equipment is sold assembled and without the box!

  14. Brice has a point, actually. Difference is, I don’t care what happens to the company.

    I would be a little more wary of giving out free stuff at my own place, on my own time. But on company time, who cares?

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