27 thoughts on “March 31, 2017

  1. Norm probably sent this one out to the publisher’s weeks and weeks ago, but there actually is a snowstorm predicted for central and northern New England this weekend. Never joke about April Fool’s snowstorms!

    • I lived in Tucson for four years, and it actually snowed twice in that time. Watching a bunch of high schoolers who had probably never seen snow in their lives laugh and hug as giant flakes drifted down was something to see, for sure.

  2. You’re a day early for April Fool’s day Cooper. Reminds me of the time my brother forgot about it and was upset because he’d have been pranking his friends all day. Someone told him you can still make your jokes tomorrow and say “April Fool’s is done and past, and you’re the biggest fool at last.”

  3. At the end of February it was in the upper 60s/lower 70s in Connecticut for 2 days. I wore shorts when I was out and about. It hasn’t been that warm since and we got a blizzard with a foot and a half of snow on March 14th. (Some parts of the state got over 2 feet). Now it has mostly melted (except for the giant snow piles in parking lots). Getting rain today, but it may turn to snow tomorrow morning

  4. Most people connect “nice day” to light levels, while I use temperature.

    When I lived in Chicago, people would comment on how nice a day it was, simply because the sun was out.

    In February. When it was 20 degrees and windy.

    Meanwhile, they thought I was nuts because to me, a nice day could be rainy – as long as it was above 60 degrees.

    • Sunny days, regardless of temp, nearly always equates to a “nice day”. It’s a respite from the unrelenting greys of clouds.

      I think it’s a nice day if it’s sunny even if I have to wear my heavy coat, OR if it’s in the mid-fifties in spite of the rain (I don’t have to wear my heavy coat at mid-fifties).

  5. This is exactly what’s happening here in Iceland now! My husband and kids talked about taking the studded tyres off of the bikes in the weekend and lo and behold! Mooore snooow!

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