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    • I doubt it. More than likely one of them came over to the others place. I know it never been mentioned but I just have a feeling that they both still live with their parents. But then again Donnie needed a second job so maybe he rents?

      • Donnie has his own place. Recall that he once hosted a game. As for Heather’s request, that preference won’t make me consider buying some pizza dough, sauce and toppings for a DIY meal….. Assuming that Donnie a reliable oven.

    • We’d do it for people if they asked, or to mess with people we knew (e.g. making a half pepperoni half sausage into quarter sections of each meat).

    • A few places let you get that specific if you order online. Want no cheese, no sauce, and beef meatballs on just the left side? Sure, why not!

    • Yes they will do that but I have a feeling Heather’s complicated order won’t come out right. My husband and I will order different toppings on each side of the pizza. I don’t want mushrooms and he does, I want ham and pineapple on my side, he wants sausage, onion, etc. on his. It’s not too hard.

      • Macushlakondra,
        Yes it is too hard. You have no idea who works in the kitchen. Low end restaurant work tends toward people who can’t read or don’t understand English or who show up drunk and or stoned. There’s also a lot of teenagers for whom this is their first job.
        I did a stint or two waiting tables to pay for college. Many years later when my son turned 16, that was the one job I wouldn’t let him take.
        Next time order two smaller pizzas instead of one larger. That should solve your problem

        • I agree with your solution. But I don’t order pizza from chains. Usually disappointing. And the local places know their business.

          But, Heather, really? It would take Donnie five minutes just to memorize it.

  1. She does have the order phrased in an unnecessarily complicated manner. It should be “Light Sauce and Pepperoni with Black Olives on half of it.” However, I’m sure that if she had it repeated back to her that way, she would insist that it was wrong.

      • It is wrong. She only wanted light sauce on one quarter of the pizza, and you’ve just ordered light sauce on the whole pizza.

        • Nope. I ordered TWO pizzas. One pepperoni with half black olives. One small pepperoni with light sauce. Everybody has what they want, and we don’t need an engineering schematic to do it. And we even have leftovers.

          • But I’ll bet that costs more since it’s two pizzas. So that makes you wrong. 😉

  2. Wow, and I thought me asking for a drink in a to-go cup with no ice whenever I go into a restaurant was me being “too complicated” (especially since they’ve forgotten the “no ice” part several times). Not worried anymore.

  3. I thought Donnie was worried Heather would embarrass him by asking for pineapple….

    “Iceland President sparks pineapple pizza debate: Pineapple on pizza should be banned”
    and then
    “Iceland’s leader backs down on controversial issue: Pineapple on pizza”

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