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      • Of course Norm knows what an indoor pool is. And of course Norm knows that department stores don’t display swimgear until near-Spring. Which is exactly the joke here.

    • Early March to Memorial Day is about the same length of time as early October to Christmas, so yeah, it makes sense. Although I had never really thought of that before.

      (For the rest of the world – Memorial Day is a US holiday that is at the end of May. It is the unofficial start of the summer season throughout the US, regardless of climate. By then, it’s pretty warm everywhere. For most people, it’s a three day weekend. But of course not for those in retail.)

  1. Swimsuits and shorts serve a year-round purpose.

    Ever heard of the gym? Indoor pools? Hot tubs? Vacations to tropical regions?

    • On another note, I work with a guy who wears shorts year-round, even when it’s snowing so badly that we get sent home early.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wearing any other types of pants. To top it all off, he’s always wearing basketball shorts, which are the most breathable of them all.

    • And yet, stores do not setup special displays or get in new stock until early March. Stores push the spring wear when, hey, the majority of people start thinking of buying spring wear.

      Way to whiff on the joke.

    • +Ox_Bigly Ha! Customers ALWAYS have an excuse for those last minute bum rushes. You could have Christmas merchandise out year ’round and you’d still have someone pounding on the door ten minutes after closing on Christmas eve, screaming, “I just need ONE THING!”.

      And ‘one thing’ usually evolves into ‘everything on my list’ if you let them in the door. Which, of course, only encourages the head office to mandate ‘expanded hours’ next season. And even after THAT happens, see if there isn’t someone pounding on the door after closing AGAIN.

  2. So what? Most stores carry swimsuits all year round, because people swim all year round. Also, depending in where you live, even within the continental USA swimming in March can be a perfectly viable option, even on the beach.

    • I live in Maryland, and most of the stores in our area really don’t have a lot of swimwear in stock during the winter. What Norm is showing here is a seasonal display of new summer stock.

  3. Lol, most women I know (me included) lament the fact that while in the stores it’s full of swimsuits and shorts and summer clothes in general, outside it’s still winter and they need new sweaters/socks/tights, but they can’t find them ’cause the shops only carry swimsuits! Where I live winter sometimes keeps going well into may, so there… Thans god for online shopping, I suppose.

    • I have the opposite problem. I live in the subtropics. Come fall they sell clothing that would induce heat stroke in our typical “winter”.

      • It’s like they want people to freeze in colder areas and people to have heat stroke in hotter areas :p maybe the higher ups live in other areas (cold/hot and hot/cold) so they have their areas’ weather mixed up :p

      • I remember, years ago, while waiting for the bus outside the KU Student Union there was a young woman (18-19) and the snow was coming down in that, “sticks to you so you look like a snowman after a couple of minutes,” way. She was muttering to herself, “My parents bought me the heaviest winter coat they could find in Miami. When I get to the dorm, I’m taking the credit card and buying the thickest coat I can find at Weaver’s! (a downtown department store) I don’t think she knew she was talking out loud, but the light jacket she had was really not good for a Kansas snow storm. 🙂

  4. Early October?
    That’s so cute. No wonder their sales were down. They’re about a month behind the other stores.

  5. Not so wonderful when there’s an unseasonably late snowfall and all anyone wanto is hats gloved and scarves,but they’ve been packed away because it’s now spring… *waves at all snowed in Brits*

    • And what happened to all the hats/gloves/scarves that they bought at the start of winter? Have they mysteriously disappeared? Some do get lost, I’ll grant you, but I’ve had the same winter hat and gloves for almost twenty years. Come spring, they get put away in an easily accessible drawer.
      It’s like how every time it snows, people all look for snow shovels. Well, what happened to your old shovel? The one you bought the last time it snowed–a week ago?

      • snow shovels do break, ya know. or it might’ve gotten loaned to a neighbor. or more likely it’s buried under the snow somewhere.

        Once had someone try to return a shovel without a receipt. it was obviously at least 15 years old and well-abused. also in two pieces and not our brand. I told him no. the manager didn’t think that was the right response. I can’t repeat what I thought of the manager.

  6. You don’t want to see Christmas stuff in early October because it signifies that winter is coming.
    You do want to see summer stuff in early March because it signifies that spring will get here someday even if it’s still snowing and freezing outside.

        • Yeah, because shoveling for an hour or two a day, for a period of maybe 10-15 days top is so much worse than 16 hours of hellish 35-40-ish degrees Celsius, and nights so hot that you can’t get any sleep for two months. And yes, I do have A/C, but the outdoors have still not implemented any good enough A/C solutions.

  7. It’s great, until you realize that you still live in the northern part of the US, you’ll have snow on the ground until at least the end of April (if not into May) and your children have lost/ruined/outgrown their snow/winter clothes and you need to replace them. *sigh*

  8. This makes sense because it takes time to fit into the bathing suit that you want to look good in. Even guys need to lose holiday pudge.

    Christmas is clearly being pushy for profits instead of a reminder to get your beach bod ready.

  9. Christmas is one day, summer is several months and many summer products are useful in spring. You can use bathing suits in indoor pools and there’s probably a lot of people going to warmer climates for spring break

    And like everyone else says, yearning for christmas is for fun, yearning for the warmth of a season change is *desperation*

  10. Not sure I really understand this one. Is March really too early to be thinking of swimsuits? Spring is only a few weeks away and many parts of the country are already warming up. I’d say now is the perfect time to start swimsuit shopping.

  11. There’s no comparison here. Early October is too early for Christmas stuff – it shouldn’t appear until November 1 at the absolute earliest. Early March is the appropriate time to put swimsuits out. Ever heard of Spring Break? People are going to need a swimsuit for that three weeks before, and since Spring Break is usually one of the last two weeks of March or first two of April, it’s best to give people time.

    Early March swimsuits is more comparative to Black Friday Christmas decor. It’s a month before the scheduled time.

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