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    • Well, that was quite a leap. And aren’t you a charming person, insulting an entire country based on a single comic strip.

        • Well, then, I’ll leave you folks to it. Far be it from me to keep two self-righteous hypocrites from a good America-bashing fest.

          • Yeah look who lives in the White House now. Proof that God has not yet given up on America!

          • I’ve certainly been praying more since he got elected, so there’s that…

          • You may have put your finger on it! There are plenty of stories of God sending tribulation to His people so they’ll turn back to Him!

          • Yeah, look at who lives in the White House now.

            After years of America bashing, it was inevitable that someone would realize “make America great again” is a catchphrase that rivals “hope and change” in limitless potential for stirring the masses.

    • No, that is not how sick time usually works – most of the time, Americans are penalized for using it at all, even when they are very ill. That’s why you see people going to work looking green and spreading their illnesses for all to partake. Even if they were allowed to take sick time, good luck affording a doctor visit – with the copays and deductibles eating a hole in your pocket – insurance is for catastrophic purposes only for the majority of us.

      Instead of smearing the American workers – how about a little empathy? We would love to enjoy the benefits that many other countries offer to their citizens but oh noes – we have to cut social service benefits in order to give the super wealthy yet another tax break. Sooner or later, that excess wealth will trickle down! It hasn’t yet and we’ve been waiting for over 30 years. No hope for us is in sight.

      You can blame the American voters for allowing it to happen, but as you could see, in the last election – our votes didn’t matter. F it all.

        • She got almost 3 million more votes than the Orange Turd did. So yeah, our votes didn’t matter.

          If you supported him – you lost too. You just don’t realize it yet.

      • Well, it’s not like we had much of a choice this last election. We were well and truly screwed long before election day. Clinton would not have been an improvement. I am so sick of this ‘lesser of two evils’ mentality. I wish we could have a REAL electoral candidate for a change. Ah, who am I kidding? We’d still elect the wrong one.

        • Mark
          Hillary Clinton is smart, well educated, lots of experience. She was probably one of the most qualified people to run for the office of president. Ever. And she won the popular vote by three million.
          Trump is not smart, is not well educated, and, apart from starring in a TV reality show, has zero experience in anything. He’s spent his entire life promoting himself. And he has absolutely no qualifications for the office he currently holds. And he lost the popular voted (if you add in those who voted third party) by at least 10 million.
          Most important, Hillary Clinton is sane and rational. Donald Trump is neither.
          You want the perfect candidate? Why don’t you stop whining and run for office yourself.

    • Get a sense of historical perspective or a fucking passport, will you?

      Human beings have existed in our present form for about 150,000 years, and I could’ve been born in any one of those years, anywhere in the world.

      But for whatever reason – fate or the will of God – I entered the world as an American in the late 20th Century. Through no effort on my part, I was placed at the top of the heap.

      So no matter what petty bullshit concerns I have to deal with, I don’t have problems.

      I live in a place where toilets and medical anesthetics are technologies so common, we don’t even think about them.

      I live in a place where the law won’t allow a hospital to turn me away because I don’t have any money.

      I live in a place where you’re literally not allowed to live in a home that doesn’t have heat, clean running water and sewage removal.

      I’m nowhere near a rich man, but my biggest problems right now are finding a BETTER job, getting a NEW car and attaining a sense of personal fulfillment.

      Life isn’t fair, so why don’t you find a way to use that fact to your advantage.

      Figure out a way to get one of those jobs with generous PTO for yourself.

      That’s what I did.

    • Many places use a generic bucket of Paid Time Off (PTO) to include sick time personal days vacation days etc. So you can use it however you want, it all comes out of your allotted time to miss work the same.

      • Except you still get a ration of crap for using it. Same with vacation time. At my old job, I had almost two months of accumulated time off. Every effort to use it was denied due to ‘needs of the company’. They wouldn’t pay me for it, either, and I eventually ended up losing it entirely. Almost seven years without a vacation, and when I finally quit, I couldn’t collect the pay for it. Just another way they screw you over.

        • That’s when you start calling in sick a lot. The vacation days will take over once the PTO is done. Yes, it means you get a little off at a time, but in the end, you’ve used what you’ve been given.

          Also, if you live in a state that insists that the employer cash you out because it was accrued and therefore considered earned time, you might be able to go back to the ex-employer and sue for your lost vacation pay.

  1. I started my new job a few months ago and there’s a system to request time off, and I see several of my coworkers taking off early far more often than I do. It’s not like I need the money that bad (I’ve built up a safety net with a modest inheritance) and feel odd when I hear some of them complain about not making enough money, if they need hours more than I do I wouldn’t be too upset if they took some of my hours (as long as I don’t lose my benefits or status), but when they take 20-40% of their schedule off by choice it’s hard to feel too much for them, though sometimes the time off isn’t by choice (when we’re overstaffed, which has happened a lot lately, sometimes people will be sent home early, though it’s usually just an hour or two). I pretty much never left early at my retail job unless it was for a specific reason (illness, weather, etc.) and was even able to make up the lost time more often than not. I just don’t really understand the mentality of requesting time off almost every time it’s available, especially if it’s your primary full time job.

    • When I worked in a call center people would blow out their entire year’s allotment of PTO time in the first two weeks of the fiscal year to give themselves a vacation. That, to me, is much stupider than just using it piecemeal to cut out early and run errands.

    • At least he’s not wearing it with the leading edge of the hood halfway back on his head, as seems to be the style these days.

      I hate that.

      Why can’t people wear clothes properly?

      • To them, they ARE wearing it properly. It’s called fashion choices. It might not be yours (it certainly isn’t mine), but it is theirs.

    • Yeah, most office work isn’t like that. Spend only two hours a day actually working and you’d be out a job pretty quick.

      And even if I wanted to use social media sites during work (I don’t – I have things to get done), where I am they’re blocked. I can’t even use YouTube, although there are business reasons at times (instructional and demo videos).

      Way to generalize.

    • If you go into some retail chain outlets you will discover employees walking and “studying” their smartphones at the same time.

      • Which is weird because most of the places my friends and acquaintances and I have worked, you could be fired for having your phone on you. (Yes, lockers were provided in the back and you were allowed to bring in your own lock for it.)

        • The ONLY time I was allowed to have my phone in my pocket was when my boyfriend was in the hospital. Funny thing was, the day he died, the hospital called me on the store phone, not my personal one. (Yes, I had to work while he was in ICU.)

    • A lot of office-based creative work is like that (I used to work at a newspaper), though it’s a bit more broken up. Work for 40 minutes, send a proof for approval, wait between 5 min and an hour, get response, make three changes in five minutes, send it out again..

      It also depends on how good you are. I was a fast-turnaround worker, good at what I did, but if I tried to keep that pace up for a whole day’s shift, I’d burn out. (For me, it’s a motivation thing, I can whip through more jobs if I know there’s a little downtime on the other side.) Plus, it depends on the complexity of a given project, higher-ups can hand you two different assignments, with one taking all of 5 minutes, another taking 3-6 hours, and they don’t know enough to judge which is which themselves, it’s on our end to report an estimate, and if we finish faster, we ask for more work until the queue is empty. That happens a lot.

  2. I ran into an old school friend I’d not seen for 20 years while at work. He became a highly paid desk jockey while I worked my way up in retail. He simply couldn’t understand I couldn’t just leave with him there and then and join him for a pint or six, or dictate when NY day off was to meet up.

    • No, the NY day off is a different thing since NY is a completely different country.

      Also, at the desk job of The Werefrog, there is plenty of work that there is no ability for most day Facebook. The Werefrog have never had one of these jobs that don’t require work while working.

  3. I had a single mom enlighten me about sick time. It’s not for when _you_ get sick; it’s for when _your_kids_ get sick.

  4. I mean, is it really a criticism of his work ethic if his place of employment has so little work that needs done that he can justify hopping out to run an errand? Even groundpounding in a retail job there’s days where you do nothing but putter around the store facing shelves and hoping a customer comes in so you have something productive to do.

    • that’s not the point of the strip. here, he left early because there was nothing for him to do- not a problem. However, he was mentally criticizing Amber and Cooper for chatting WHILE THEY WERE WORKING- as if, just because they weren’t working in an office, they had to work in utter silence.Provided the chatting doesn’t slow down the work, who really cares?

  5. I have never had a day of work at my own store where I wasn’t working. If I am not helping customers or the store is dead, great! I can work on those back stock cakes I have been neglecting! Or I can get ready for the next holiday. Or Graduation. I rarely leave on TIME, much less early. And the week after vacation, my hours are getting cut… 😄

  6. I have worked in both office & retail environments. But I think the illustration is more about “management” than us “peons”. It is about appearances, the office worker who skipped out early for “illness” is not seen by many. But the retail workers are seen & watched by many (cameras).

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