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      • You’d do better than me. Though years ago I did work retail for two Christmas seasons at K-Mart and Hudson’s respectively. But customers weren’t so bad back in those days. I can’t think of any that really stood out as being a jerk. I have more interesting stories to tell from my waitressing days.

  1. I once was asked, while working for Walgreens, to call a WalMart store for a customer to see if they had something in stock. The customer thought that since we both had “Wal” at the start of our names we must somehow be related.

    • When The Werefrog worked for Walmart, people would make their checks out to Walgreens and say it was the same because it started with “Wal”.

      Others would make their checks out to Kmart and say it was the same because they both ended with “Mart”.

    • While working at the green one, had a shady guy come in trying to return stuff with the mart’s anti-theft stickers on it.

    • I worked at Best (Best Products — took over LaBelle’s in upper Midwest) in the 80’s and constantly had people asking me info on appliances and stuff and got horribly upset that we didn’t carry them when they claimed we did. We had to explain the difference between Best Products and Best Buy on a weekly basis.

    • I did that a couple years ago. Isn’t it fun to read it through and see what a jerk Stuart used to be (and still is) and that jerk Jerry, God he was awful!

  2. When I worked for the Evil Insurance Company I had a subscriber ask me to look up a number for her – I can’t remember where it was, but my job description didn’t include being an information operator. The woman called back and asked for a supervisor – and bless my soul! The supervisor backed me up! Will wonders never cease?

  3. I’ve had customers ask if they could return stuff at my store if they have a receipt from my store, and the item itself from an unrelated store.

    The short answer was “Yes.” Provided that the item in question is identical to the one we sell, and there’s no way of me knowing that it came from a different store, I cannot possibly see any problem with this. The real tricky part is, why bother asking? There is no possible way I would know, and even if I had said “No,” they would still try (years of experience tells me that customers can’t take “No” for an answer).

    • They need to validate their plan. If they had called you and your answer had been ‘no’, they’d have either argued to the death about it, or simply gone ahead and done it anyway.

      Why? Guaranteed the reason they want to return it is they found it cheaper somewhere else, and can’t be bothered to drive the extra distance.

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