22 thoughts on “March 7, 2016

    • I get annoyed with it, if only because if I lose a glove in February when I still need them I can’t replace it. Or shoes. My work shoes are falling apart, but there are very few shoes out now that aren’t sandals.

    • At least it’s a dry heat for you….I live in Toronto; we get temperatures between 70 and 90F in the summer. With humidity anywhere between 60 and 80% at times (depending on last rainfall, etc) because we’re right on Lake Ontario

  1. That was me last year at this time. After being buried in snow for months, boy were we ready for summer!

    This year . . . meh. It’s been cold a couple of days, but no real accumulation. At least not where I live.

    I love summer, but I’d like to have a nice spring first. Think that’ll happen this year?

  2. I’m ready for SPRING not summer. Though our summers typically don’t get too terribly hot, I prefer spring and fall to winter and summer.

    But it looks like Marla’s found a way to divert customers from asking her questions lol.

  3. I know Norm writes these strips in advance, but it has actually been a fairly tame winter here in southern New England (where the strip’s store is located). A couple of decent storms but nowhere near as bad as last year.

  4. I think she’s just dreaming of a vacation where she can truly get away from it all. At least knowing higher ups get to go on amazing vacations will help cheer her up.

  5. Living in south Florida I have to constantly explain to people that those items are seasonal only and our company has to market based on the whole country not a state by state basis.

    “It’s Florida you should have that all year long”

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