18 thoughts on “March 7, 2017

      • Nah…we Mainer’s are not all for Moxie! We know it tastes nasty! LOL

        I use Moxie as a prank sometimes – give it to friends who visit. Jokes on me though – they often like the stuff! 🙂

        • Well then, the joke would be on you because I love it. Have ever since I was a little kid in the late ’50s, sitting on my grandfather’s lap listening to Red Sox games on the radio.

        • That’s ‘cuz it’s tasty. I will admit than not everyone thinks so, though.

          People ask me to describe it’s flavor and the best I can do is to say “it’s in the Root Beer family, but it’s not a close relation”.

  1. I remember when I was in Italy if you went to a restaurant and asked for water, they gave you either club soda or seltzer water. You always had to specifically ask for non carbonated water (I assume it always gave me away as an American because of it)

    But I will honestly never understand why or how people can drink it plain. As a soda it is fine or a mix into a fruit drink but never on it’s own, yuck.

    Still i guess each to their own.

    • It’s probably all in what you are used to. Carbonated water is very commonly drunk in many European countries. I like it because I have always drunk it and it’s less boring than plain water. Though with carbonated water I find that it very much depends on the brand. There are some brands that taste very sour or witch are so heavily carbonated it almost hurts a bit to drink them, those I don’t like either.

    • All variations of carbonated water taste like Alka-Seltzer (you know, those tablets you dissolve in water to help with heart-burn and indigestion). And I only drink that because it makes my stomach feel better. Otherwise, it’s beyond foul.

  2. Back in the day, during prohibition, your order of club soda at the speak easy gave you a much better drink.

    Maybe that’s what she meant to drink.

  3. Hey now, I love club soda! And seltzer! And tonic water straight!

    …it may or may not be to the point where I’ll drink a 2-liter a day…

  4. At a place I used to work at, I would leave a case of Coke in the fridge. There where a couple of ladies who worked there and I let them grab a Coke whenever they wanted one. They would grab one coke a day at most.

    Then some student workers started there and they would drink 4 to cans a day without a please or a thank you.

    I started to switch drinks until finally settling on Club Soda because it was the only thing they wouldn’t drink.


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