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  1. Go Marla! Brice’s superiority complex is only matched by his cowardice with refusing to talk to Stuart about his resignation. He’s hung himself and Marla is not going to cut him down.

    • Not to be the grammar police, but this one comes up so rarely and is a fun one:

      Brice hanged himself. Your laundry is hung, a person is hanged.

        • That was satire and was meant to send up all the racist traditions that said white men were hanged and men who were racistly considered of lesser status (IE on the level of laundry,) were HUNG. The first Sheriff of Rock Ridge was also shot. The second Sheriff would have been hung if he hadn’t survived.

        • See, I read that and all I can hear is that “the sheriff was hung like a horse.” Completely different meaning.

      • I really don’t care on this one, hanged, hung, as long as Brice hangs! Funny how we all have our pet peeves concerning which word to use. I have quite a few of them!

        • Actually, The distinction between “hang” and “hung” is disappearing. But if we wish keep it in this instance, Brice indeed “hung” himself. As in laundry out to dry.

          • “That man should be hung!”

            “Hanged! You mean, he should be hanged!”

            “Hung — hanging is too good for him!”

  2. Yes Marla I’m on your side. Brice and Stuart both got what they deserved yet you’re cynicism is is not healthy for you…. sorry to be that guy…

    • want of space,
      How is Marla being cynical? She was caught between two impossible people. The lessor of the two hoisted himself on his own petard and, in doing so, ensured that the greater of the two would stay out of it. Marla killed two birds—Stuart’s bullying blame gaming and Brice’s arrogance—by simply telling the truth.
      What would you have her do?

  3. This is going to bite Marla in the ass when Stuart calls Brice to try and save his “star pupil” only to find out he had no idea the promotion opportunity existed.

    • Maybe not. Stuart seem convinced that Brice is biting the hand that is feeding him and i think Stuart might go about this with cold corporate logic. I guess he might confront Brice about what a bad person he is and the truth could easily surface that way. Time will tell.

    • Is anything Marla related untrue? Granted, Brice did eventually ask what she wanted, but not before he said all of those things.

  4. look carefuly, she didnt actually answer stuart about the sm position, she just filled him in on what actually transpired, no plans to discus going to delmans not the sm position. everything she said is true to the letter

    • However, she may have left Stuart with the impression that she did tell him. That could come back and bite later. However, I’m sensing that Stuart has no intention of “saving” his traitor. So, at this point I think the next two weeks will be fairly uneventful. Perhaps more interviews for a new AM.

      • No, Norm is too good at creating drama for it to be that simple. Mark my words, this will bite Marla.

        • Norm is also good at avoiding being too predictable. There’s plenty of drama with interviewing a new AM and Brice starting at Delman’s.

      • That’s what I thought. This is a little unclear. It sounds like she’s saying she did tell him about the promotion and he still decided to work for Delman’s. She didn’t say that exactly but I think that’s what Stuart heard. I think he heard “(Yes but) he was adamant he couldn’t be talked out of going to Delman’s…”

    • There is a thing called “Lying by omission”. Marla wants Brice the Stuart Clone out of her shop, and is willing to take chances on the open market for an AM.

      Maybe Alan in Shoes has the chops. He doesn’t get enough panel time IMO. Maybe Val is ready to step up.

  5. Well, played, Marla, well played. You told the truth. Brice did interrupt when you tried to talk and Brice did say he wouldn’t be talked out of his decision. Brice hung himself on his own petard – smug arrogance. He showed Marla, alright!

    • You can’t hang yourself on a petard. It’s a type of explosive.

      noun historical
      noun: petard; plural noun: petards

      a small bomb made of a metal or wooden box filled with powder, used to blast down a door or to make a hole in a wall.

      • Arian,
        “For ’tis the sport to have the engineer Hoist with his own petard: and’t shall go hard But I will delve one yard below their mines, And blow them at the moon”
        Hamlet, Act III scene IV

        • This use by Shakespeare was when this phrase was introduced to the English language.

          Trope, scmope. It’s over 500 years old.

  6. Unfortunately Marla lied. She didn’t directly answer him and implied she did and that he didn’t want to hear of it. This will bite her. She should have said “He kept interrupting and said he couldn’t be talked out of it, so I never had the chance to even tell him. He had already made up his mind.” Therefore the leaves the ball back in Stuart’s court without making Marla a liar.

    • formerretaildude,
      Marla did not lie. She told the exact truth.
      And you, formerretaildude, sound like a trouble maker and not the kind of person anyone sane would want as a co-worker

      • In a court of law, Marla told the truth but she didn’t tell the whole truth. If she had said what Retail Dude wrote, that would’ve been the whole truth. “I did not tell him, he never gave me a chance, he was determined…” etc. I wish she had said this since I believe Stuart is hearing “Yes I told him but…” She ought not to be responsible for what he’s hearing but with Stuart always blaming her for everything, it’s in her best interest to be as clear as she can be.

        • And in court, a lawyer coaching you before you testify will generally tell you not to volunteer information. Nothing she said was inaccurate.

      • I don’t get the hostility towards my post? I think everyone respects others for not trying to hide something when directly asked a question. Only those with something to hide will lie or not directly answer. In this case she just needed to say no she didn’t because he already quit.

          • Yes, Jackie can be hostile. But Marla did answer directly and truthfully. As I noted above, she just didn’t volunteer all of it.

            Plus, he didn’t have the courtesy or guts to be willing to tell Stuart directly. And whatever you think of Stuart, he did go to bat for Brice. I doubt Stuart will care much about him after that

    • Stuart’s reaction says it all. He’s angry that Brick didn’t come to “sensei” about an offer to defect. While Marla could say he wouldn’t let her inform him of the promotion, what she says is plentiful. Stuart will talk to Brick about it; Brick will say “I’m going to Delman’s and there’s nothing you can do.” which will corroborate Marla. Stuart will inform Brick of the offer and accuse Marla of failing to take that next step, despite his instruction that she was to let Stuart be the one to make it. The comments will note that he’s a hypocritical idiot.

  7. One more thing, why didn’t Stuart offer the position to Brice directly, isn’t that his job? Marla doesn’t have the authority to offer that position anyways. I see Stuart telling Marla about his intentions may be giving her a heads up, but he can’t ask her to offer the position to Brice for him. (I bet he thinks he’s ‘delegating’ but offering a SM position to someone is not another SM’s responsibility, that’s a DM or higher level’s responsibility)

    • That was why Stuart wanted Brice to telephone him as soon as he arrived for the day, but Brice would have none if it.

    • The position *technically* isn’t open yet, anyway, and Marla doesn’t have the authority to offer it. Stuart quite explicitly told her to tell Brice to call him, not to tell Brice about the offer.

    • Stuart did plan to offer it to Brice himself, when he first called, he asked Marla if Brice was there. She said he was coming in later, working the night shift and she herself offered to have Brice call him when he told her what it was about.

  8. Marla didn’t say yes, she didn’t say no. If Stuart calls Brice and Brice says she never told me, she can still say that he wasn’t listening to anything she said. She could also tell Stuart that HE must not have been listening because “I explained it all to you.” Unless he recorded this call (I don’t think he does that) he can’t prove how the conversation went.

    Also, as far as offering Brice the job, the ONE thing Stuart did right was to let Marla know ahead of time that he was going to offer Brice that other job. That was actually a courtesy call, along the lines of “heads up, you’re about to lose your AM.”

  9. It’ll be interesting to see if Stu shows up at the store during Brice’s final two-weeks.
    I imagine he’ll be unable to resist a few caustic remarks to Brice only to receive the same in return.
    At some point the SM position will come out & Brice will blame Marla for not telling him.
    When zucchini head calls her over to demand an explanation, she’ll point out EXACTLY what each of them said & why she reacted as she did.

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