27 thoughts on “May 11, 2017

  1. Marla may have to go with Crystal even though she’s kooky. At least she has some genuine management experience not counting the past lives experience.

    • Maybe she could translate for the customers who want to use only “natural” materials, because of their vibrations? (I almost honestly tried to help her – I’m not quite sure where the line between trying to help and malicious compliance was in this case, but I might have crossed it, and she was annoyed because of course I know!)

  2. For me, the most amazing thing here is that Marla must have said the standard ‘we’ll keep your resume’ on file in case anything opens up’ and then actually kept them on file. Honestly, I would have filed this one in the trash, or if required to keep it, I would have made a note on it that the candidate was bat-s*** crazy and unsuitable for hire in any circumstance. Listing experience you don’t actually have is an absolute dis-qualifier. So is listing experience you don’t actually have because you’re delusional and think you do.

      • Not really, all it comes down to is that you would require documentation of the past jobs. Just make a simple phone call to the company they say their past self worked for and ask if the applicant use to work there, answer would be no and that is all.

      • cloudsgolden,
        Actually, the reinterpretation of RFRA since 2004 opened the door to discriminating against people based on their religious beliefs. Religious organizations, like the Salvation Army, are allowed to use religious affiliation as a criteria in hiring and firing even for jobs that have nothing to do with religion. Except in New York—Lang v Salvation Army (New York 2014)

    • She honestly isn’t that bad – prior management experience, apparent business skills, a demonstrable lack of egotism (she cites a past life, and puts herself in it as an ordinary blacksmith who died of an ordinary disease instead of picking a famous historical figure) which has got to seem really nice to Marla right now, and a few other decent qualities.

      Yes, she has some weird religious beliefs. So does huge sections of the population; I’ll take new-agey nonsense about crystal healing over snake handling.

  3. Why is she wasting time going through past applicants I thought one of the reasons she ended up with Brice in the first place was cause she couldn’t find anyone better??

    • At a practical level, it doesn’t make sense. But then, the strip is really about story-telling. Norm’s done several rounds of interview stories. I think he just wanted to tell a few call-back stories on this time around.

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