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    • Oh please, as if Christianity were free. The Archbishop of the Church of England owns two mansions. Not one, two.

      • He might own two mansions. But he was wealthy before he became a priest, and Anglican priests don’t take vows of poverty like Catholic priests do.

        Not to say there aren’t people of all religious persuasions who don’t take advantage of faith to suck money from people. There are lots of them.

        If you’re getting something from your beliefs and it’s worth the money to pay, then it has value.

        If you’re being pressed to give up all you have and then find more to give you’re being scammed whether it’s a new age cult or a religious cult.

        • You’re gravely mistaken, those two mansions come with the title, they’re funded and maintained with tax pounds.

      • You Redcoat have never heard of Seed Prosperity here in the USA. And how seriously messed up it is.

        Youtube Jon Oliver and Religion. It makes the Archbishop look like a petty thief.

        • Ummm, please don’t compare Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption to organized religion. Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption is the only true faith, while others are only there for the money, with their false prophets.

          • Thats not what they said when I sent them that 5 ft wooden dong.

          • I’m dying laughing over here. Personally I send two boxes of ketchup packets.

    • I’m curious what Cooper’s reaction will be. For that matter, the whole staff.

      This will be a whole new dimension of staff personality for RETAIL.

  1. $50 an hour, and she doesn’t have enough clients to make a living at it. Proof that there ARE still intelligent people in the world.

  2. You know, after working crummy jobs and trying to break into “A job well done is actually worth something” types of fields or freelance pricing, I find it hard to get angry with people over a successful hustle.

    Or, at least in this case, a half-successful hustle, but at those rates she may not be making the money but she’s at least spending less time making “not enough for a living,” unlike the people at Grumbles whose hours got cut, right?

      • Well, I say “hustle” not so much because she’s deceiving customers (if she’s offering help with meditation and delivering, and her customers are happy, it’s not a con) because it’s hard enough convincing people to pay you anything worth your time in this world, so successfully getting anything other than the bare minimum requires at least some sort of hustling, IMHO.

        I admit my use of “hustle” here is playful. For example, I call what Jane Davenport does a hustle because, as an artist, I don’t think her work (or that of the people following her example) all that amazing but I respect what she’s done with it as a business. I called up my friends and was like “We seriously need to learn to hustle.”

  3. I guess I’ll have to settle for inner turmoil since paying $50 for inner peace would cause me more turmoil thinking about how I blew my food or rent money on inner peace!

    • it’s bloody sad how much contempt “regular” people like you have for anyone who is slightly different.

      Is this because racism isn’t cool anymore and you need something else?

      • In case you’ve forgotten, Retail is a comic strip. A fiction. You’ve never been to a horror show and shouted at the screen, “No! Don’t open that door!” Where do you get off calling me racist or exclusive? You know less than nothing about me or my beliefs, ideas, or values. But in real life, if I were in Marla’s shoes, I wouldn’t touch this girl with a ten-foot pole, because I would want people who are in touch with reality, people with common sense, and people with good social skills on my staff dealing with my customers. How we do one thing is how we do everything. Crystal is depicted as being divorced from scientific reality, which means that her entire world view is skewed toward the unprovable. This doesn’t make her any less than as a human being, but it would make her unsuitable for an assistant manager position in any organization where facts, polices, and numbers – as well as the ability to deal with customers and employees in a compassionate but firm way – are the dominant requirements. And you might just want to check that trollish judgmental nature you displayed for all the world to see.

        • Facts, policies and numbers? Given that all such things that come down from corporate tend towards the realm fantastic anyway I suspect she’d do just fine. 😉

          • What? When did I say that? I’m the best of the best, why would I hate myself? I think you wanted to reply to another comment. It happens. 🙂

        • Yup. Like these anti-vax idiots who are undoing decades of medical progress with their paranoid delusions.
          Diseases that were virtually wiped out are resurfacing and threatening everyone. Methinks their tinfoil hats are a leeeeeetle too snug on their marshmallow craniums.

  4. I wonder if Brice will show up at Grumbels again at some point, not as ASM, but as a customer or just visit his former CWs and mock them.

    • Mina will probably work him so hard that he won’t have the time to go shopping anywhere else but Delman during his mandatory breaks.

  5. Why is Marla even bothering to interview this nutcase? If this is the best of the ones who you interviewed last year and are still available then it’s better to start from scratch with a new job notice. This doesn’t make any sense.

    • She might be a bit of a loon, but if she’s been telling the truth, she has been and assistant manager and she has run her own business. It’s hard to tell how good her business sense is, but she does have experience.

      I suspect the strongest skill needed by a AM is conflict resolution. Crystal might have a few tricks up her long sleeves.

  6. So far, in both her appearances the oddest thing that Crystal has said is that she has had past lives and thought Marla would take her “work experience from past lives” into account. If she accepts that Marla can’t do that, then she’s not that different from any other candidate. This is really no more far-fetched than believing that a man rose from the dead. And I was raised Catholic. We were taught a lot of things that defy scientific reality, because religion and science are two distinctly different things.

    Meditation and searching for inner peace are concepts and practices that have been around for hundreds of years. Some people believe in reincarnation, some don’t. There’s no way to prove it either true or false.

    Crystal hasn’t said anything that indicates she can’t deal with facts, reality, or numbers. After all, she’s had jobs before, and knowing that she can’t make a living at her current occupation shows she’s not unaware of real-life finances.

    If I were Marla, I might pass on her anyway, just due to not having a lot of retail experience, and I’d be concerned about her people skills. I’ve had managers whose personal philosophies clashed horribly with staff, and they had nothing to do with so-called “new age” beliefs.

    It just looks as though skilled, experienced retail managers aren’t exactly thick on the ground, and Marla may have to settle for someone less than perfect, at least as a stopgap measure.

  7. You know, you are right. Absolutely right! I love it when you humans give a speech. Fantastic! I could listen to you speaking all day long! Such naive little species that inhabit the planet i vowed to protect. Marvelous!

    Snake oil? Let them have Snake Oil! They’re only humans! In five billion years, their star will no longer support life! They’re just tiny little ants digging into the ground, making their anthives bigger and stronger and better.

    Who will win? Oh, it’s so inconclusive, we will never know. Humanity with 10.000 years experience or Earth with 4.5 billion years. Well, stay tuned.

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