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  1. Val does make a good point. If Marla trains someone who has little no experience in a management field, she can nip any bad habits in the butt before they bloom. Granted, she may have to have a lot of patience to do so.

  2. Hmmm, could Val be looking at the job? She does already get along well with Marla and the crew.

    Bu hen we’d lose our Defense Against the Dark Arts role.

    • I didn’t think of that, and apparently Marla hasn’t considered the possibility either. Val would of course make a great A.M., she already gets along well with Marla and has plenty of experience at the store. Interestingly, when the possibility first arose, Stuart was the manager so she declined ( http://retailcomic.com/comics/january-11-2012/ ).

    • I wouldn’t rule out Val having a change of heart – but I think the strip would get stale without some kind of staff antagonist.

      I’m thinking this looks more likely that Marla will go with Crystal. It doesn’t make much sense for Marla to give Crystal a second interview if she wasn’t seriously considering her – especially after remembering her more outlandish statements during the phone call.

  3. Val, this is how you get drafted into getting a 50% raise on a salary, but working 60 hour weeks so corporate breaks even.

      • It may not be Marla’s decision much longer. Companies keep trimming payroll and that means more work to spread around fewer people, including management It’s why salary is such a sweet deal for corporate. If Val makes AM, Marla might have to have her work more or face being utterly swamped with work herself.

      • I thought Coopers current supervisor gig was roughly equivalent to AM since both he and the AM are direct reports to Marla? Brice did try to order cooper around but I think that’s less due to pecking order and more because he is just a dick.

        • I’m pretty sure the AM is over Cooper. What you observed is more personal dynamics than lines of authority.

          • Brice had no authority over Cooper because the AM’s authority is 100% based on the actual manager backing his calls.

    • I do not think Cooper would be a good AM personally. He gets along with the staff great but the AM has to deal with customers as well and he does not seem like the type who would be good at that in the long term.

  4. Maybe Brice will learn his lesson suffering under Mina, and come begging for his job back, hopefully with an improved attitude. Unlike Josh he does have some positive qualities – when Marla ditched the meeting with Stuart last year, Brice’s first thought to hope she hadn’t had an accident. He also vowed never to act as Stuart’s informer.

    • I’m sure the resolution is coming soon; but – devil’s advocate here – sometimes in real life you don’t get to hear about ‘whatever became of….?. I doubt Norm would do THAT to us, though. I’m sure it will be interesting and possibly something unexpected. He spent a lot of time setting it up, after all.

      • I mean, in the realm of ‘whateer happened to ___?” We never did get a resolution to the plot line of that one dude that was blackmailing cooper over his little rooftop hangout, and then got fired, and then got a job working for the inventory company that did the store’s Audit.

        Like, it was built up as this big huge thing, like he had this HUGE evil plan to screw over Marla and the crew, and then it just never came back up. It turned out that their scores on the inventory audit were almost perfect, but then it was shown that this dude supposedly had some OTHER plan, and its just never been mentioned again.

  5. Val want’s to keep working on her career as a writer. Cooper won’t take it for the same reason I didn’t, were not yes men. That leaves Amber, go Amber!

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