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  1. Handle the situation? As in, make up a lot of excuses and delegate it to Cooper to handle anyway, like he did with Marla for years? He’s just PO’d that Cooper cut out the part Stuart does best.

  2. Your fired. Seems pretty simple to me. Or you can do what my last job did and slowly give me no hours, take my name off schedule, and then take me out of the work group chat, and then never answer my call and just avoid me entirely. Like the cowards way out. (I may have had a good reason to get fired, but they never told me face to face so I’ll never know what I did wrong)

    • They did it that way so that you wouldn’t be “fired” you’d “quit” or “abandon” the job. In many states that would deny you unemployment.

      Which is probably the sort of thing Stuart is talking about, how to get rid of an employee without having to pay unemployment or something.

      Since they can’t site the theft(no proof, leaves them open for lawsuits..) as the reason…

      • I’d be willing to bet Grumbels has cameras on those registers. There probably IS proof that would be easy to find.

      • If Cooper actually documented the short drawers and talked to Sarah about it before taking the step of firing her, then that’s documentation enough. And termination from a job for performance disqualifies you for unemployment.

        In most states, an employee can challenge a firing if she never was informed of concerns about her performance, or if it there’s clear evidence that it was personal and not work-related. Which is probably what Stuart is worried about–that Cooper simply fired Sarah as a first response.

        But considering that Sarah obviously didn’t care about being fired, Stuart doesn’t have anything to worry about. He’s kinda forgetting that Sarah figured she was out of a job soon anyway.

  3. I am suddenly scared that Cooper is going to get himself fired here. That would be a major change but if he is planning on popping the question to Val and his reputation at the mall he could still be sticking around.

  4. If you quit or get fired here in Ontario you are automatically disqualified for unemployment insurance unless there are compelling reasons. If Cooper didn’t treat Stuart with such contempt and if Stuart gave his support to Cooper then I guess the strip might get boring.

    • If you can’t get unemployment when you’re fired, then how DO you get it? Or do you mean fired for cause as opposed to downsizing or something?

  5. I was once fired without cause. The owner was messed up in the head and would fire people for no visible reason. But he didn’t say “you’re fired”, he said “your services are no longer needed” and as they didn’t contest my unemployment, I went on my merry way.
    Which was good because it took 18 months to land another job — which happened to be retail.

  6. I hate to say it Stuart is right on this… Marla should have advised Cooper to talk to Stuart before doing anything… With that said Cooper should have been told if he is allowed to fire people…

    • The fact that Marla DIDN’T tell Cooper he “needed” to talk to Stuart first tells me that actually Cooper DOES have the ability to fire someone. Marla would have known if he didn’t. So it’s really just Stuart’s micro-managing, and his fear of having to pay unemployment or of the firing being contested, that is at issue here.

      • “The fact that Marla DIDN’T tell Cooper he “needed” to talk to Stuart first tells me that actually Cooper DOES have the ability to fire someone.” Except Cooper is an unofficial manager. He hasn’t gone thought he proper training. And yes, firing has to be done right or it could get very expensive for the company. Stuart didn’t know Cooper talked to Marla. I’d say he has a right to be upset.

        p.s. the website is showing me someone else’s “login” information – like the email.

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