16 thoughts on “May 16, 2018

  1. Coop’s last comment sums up Stuart perfectly. Nothing can ever be ‘to his satisfaction’. And if Cooper had done nothing, Stuart would have been all over him about THAT, too.

    • Because it’s much more fun to yell at someone about something they did wrong than praise them for a job well done.

  2. Here are the problems:
    1 > Cooper assumed that she stole the money, without any actual proof (like video of her putting the money in her pocket)…
    2 > Cooper instead of waiting till her next shift to confront her (with the proof, if it exist), he did it on the phone…
    3 > Before doing anything Cooper still should have told Stuart the situation (and Marla should have advised to do so)…

    • #1 isn’t actually relevant. Being $20 short three times in two weeks means either she’s stealing, or she’s not being careful enough to be trusted with handling money for the store. Either way, it’s gonna get you fired. (If the store can prove theft, it might get you prosecuted as well, but since that’s not happening here, it really doesn’t matter if Cooper fired her for theft or for incompetence.)

      Can’t really argue against points #2 or 3, though. (We all know that Stuart would have told Cooper “don’t bother me, handle it yourself”, but Cooper really should have covered himself by going through the motions anyway.)

    • He could also have moved her into a position where she wouldn’t handle money, and put one of the other floor staff onto the register.

      • +Skullclutter No. She very obviously doesn’t care about her job. While I can’t say I really blame her, given that she’s already on her way to the unemployment line, it’s risky just letting her back into the store, even as a customer. Who knows what other problems she could create. Money isn’t the only thing she could steal, after all, and there would be plenty of opportunity for theft in a closing, disorganized, understaffed store.

    • Cooper never accused her of theft. He pointed out that he drawer was short $20 three times in two weeks. Whether deliberate theft or carelessness, it’s unacceptable. Her attitude of ‘so?’ is the clincher. She KNEW that she’d been caught, and demonstrated a ‘who cares’ attitude. That signals to me that she’s not to be trusted.

      Interestingly, Cooper didn’t actually fire her. She figured that out pretty much on her own. He merely acknowledged she WAS fired. It’s a fine line, true enough, but the fact that she said it first is pretty darned compelling.

      Maybe calling her on the phone was wrong, and yes, perhaps he should have spoken with Stuart about it or at least asked Marla’s advice. But the end result would have been the same. She’d have been escorted out the door.

      • “…or at least asked Marla’s advice.”

        He DID ask Marla for advice on how to handle the situation. You might have missed the strip for May 11th.

    • This is why Cooper deserves the closing bonus.

      He gets all the work of being a manager, and all the grief of being a manager, and all the responsibility of being a manager, but none of the authority.

      It doesn’t matter if Cooper thought she was stealing or not. Money was missing and that’s a termination offense. He could have counseled her, sure. I’d be surprised if he or the AM didn’t say something the first two times the drawer was short. I know MY manager did if our bank were short when I delivered pizza (I learned early on to keep a written log of transactions so I knew how much money I was supposed to turn in).

    • in an at-will state, you can be fired for any reason, including no reason. a written warning would only apply if that’s in the rules for the particular company. Coop already talked to Marla who would’ve told him if a written warning was warranted.

      • I did think of the “at will” state scenario after leaving my comment. I honestly don’t understand the concept behind it. It just seems like a huge step backwards in labour relations.

  3. I would be tempted to tell him that if I’m so bad at this job you can come down here and run this store yourself.

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